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Fundamenta Mathematicae

Tom 143

Warszawa 1993

Spis treści

H. Movahedi-LankaraniAn invariant of bi-Lipschitz maps1-9
G. PlebauekRemarks on measurable Boolean algebras and sequential cardinals11-22
K. Sakai
B. Guo
Hyperspaces of CW-complexes23-40
K. Kunen
M. Džamonja
Measures on compact HS spaces41-54
H. FejzićOn generalized Peano and Peano derivatives55-74
T. Świątkowski
J. Matkowski
Subadditive functions and partial converses of Minkowski's and Mulholland's inequalities75-85
G. SokolovLindelöf property and the iterated continuous function spaces87-95
Y. AbeWeakly normal ideals ou PKl and the singular cardinal hypothesis97-106
A. IvanovThe structure of superilat graphs107-117
W. Comfort
S. Wu
F. I'rigos-Arrieta
The Bohr compactification, modulo a metrizable subgroup119-136
M. FosgerauWhen are Borel functions Baire functions?137-152
H. KatoStriped structures of stable and unstable sets of expansive homeomorphisms and a theorem of K. Kuratowski on independent sets153-165
J. JezierskiThe Nielsen coincidence theory on topological manifolds167-178
R. KaufmanExtreme points and descriptive sets179-181
S. LiuAlmost split sequences for non-regular modules183-190
V. Laguna
J. Sanjurjo
N. Nhu
M. Moron
Movability and limits of polyhedra191-201
R. CautyEnsembles absorbants pour les classes projectives203-206
I. Namioka
J. Jayne
C. Rogers
Fragmentability and σ-fragmentability207-220
P. SzeptyckiCountably metacompact spaces in the constructible universe221-230
D. LecomteClasses de Wadge potentielles et théorèmes d'uniformisation partielle231-258
S. KasjanBound quivers of three-separate stratified posets, their Galois coverings and socle projective representations259-279
S. ŚwierczkowskiOrder with successors is not interprétable in RCF281-285
J. Aarts
E. Coplakova
The dimension of remainders of rim-compact spaces287-289

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