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Fundamenta Mathematicae

Tom 144

Warszawa 1994

Spis treści

R. MańkaOn spirals and fixed point property1-9
R. CautyUne caractérisation des rétractes absolus de voisinage11-22
S. Shelah
H. Judah
A. Rosłanowski
Examples for Souslin forcing23-42
I. RecławEvery Lusin set is undetermined in the point-open game43-54
M. RepickýGoldstern–Judah–Shelah preservation theorem for countable support iterations55-72
R. DoughertyExamples of non-shy sets73-88
J. Mycielski
R. Dougherty
The prevalence of permutations with infinite cycles89-94
V. ChatyrkoOrdinal products of topological spaces95-117
J. CobbRaising dimension under all projections119-128
A. Mekler
G. Schlitt
The theory of dual groups129-142
Z. LeszczyńskiOn the representation type of tensor product algebras143-161
H. Ki
T. Linton
Normal numbers and subsets of N with given densities163-179
H. Movahedi-Lankarani
J. Luukkainen
Minimal bi-Lipschitz embedding dimension of ultrametric spaces181-193
R. CautySur un exemple de Banach et Kuratowski195-207
N. Macheras
W. Strauss
On strong liftings for projective limits209-229
C. BandtComposants of the horseshoe231-241
W. OlszewskiUniversal spaces in the theory of transfinite dimension, I243-258
F. PrzytyckiAccessibility of typical points for invariant measures of positive Lyapunov exponents for iterations of holomorphic maps259-278
J. PawlikowskiUndetermined sets of point-open games279-285
C. GuilbaultHomology lens spaces and Dehn surgery on homology spheres287-292

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