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Fundamenta Mathematicae

Tom 145

Warszawa 1994

Spis treści

A. Bella
A. Błaszczyk
A. Szymański
On absolute retracts of ω∗1-13
M. MrozekShape index and other indices of Conley type for local maps on locally compact Hausdorff spaces15-37
W. OlszewskiCantor manifolds in the theory of transfinite dimension39-64
A. Zdunik
F. Przytycki
Density of periodic sources in the boundary of a basin of attraction for iteration of holomorphic maps: geometric coding trees technique65-77
A. Cavicchioli
F. Hegenbarth
Knot manifolds with isomorphic spines79-89
Z. Fiedorowicz
W. Gajda
The S1-CW decomposition of the geometric realization of a cyclic set91-100
R. Mauldin
S. Jackson
P. Erdös
On partitions of lines and space101-119
W. OlszewskiUniversal spaces in the theory of transfinite dimension, II121-139
S. KamoRemarks on Pκλ-combinatorics141-151
C. Ash
J. Knight
Recursive expansions153-169
J. Steprans
S. Shelah
Decomposing Baire class 1 functions into continuous functions171-180
W. Andrzejewski
A. Tralle
Cohomology of some graded differential algebras181-204
K. Kunen
P. Daniels
H. Zhou
On the open-open game205-220
W. Jurkat
D. Nonnenmacher
An axiomatic theory of non-absolutely convergent integrals in Rn221-242
V. Gutev
V. Valov
Classical-type characterizations of non-metrizable ANE(n)-spaces243-259
H. KatoChaotic continua of (continuum-wise) expansive homeomorphisms and chaos in the sense of Li and Yorke261-279
M. MisiurewiczMinor cycles for interval maps281-304

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