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Fundamenta Mathematicae

Tom 146

Warszawa 1994

Spis treści

R. Shortt
R. Göbel
Algebraic ramifications of the common extension problem for group-valued measures1-20
A. MaliszewskiConnectivity of diagonal products of Baire one functions21-29
L. Rubin
T. Dobrowolski
The space of ANR’s in Rn31-58
M. Arkowitz
M. Golasiński
Co-H-structures on equivariant Moore spaces59-67
W. Jurkat
D. Nonnenmacher
A theory of non-absolutely convergent integrals in Rn with singularities on a regular boundary69-84
R. CautyUn espace métrique linéaire qui n’est pas un rétracte absolu85-99
R. DomanRational Hopf G-spaces with two nontrivial homotopy group systems101-106
J. StepransSums of Darboux and continuous functions107-120
L. NewelskiM-rank and meager types121-139
B. WintersProperly homotopic nontrivial planes are isotopic141-152
M. JonesIntersection topologies with respect to separable GO-spaces and the countable ordinals153-158
P. KrupskiThe disjoint arcs property for homogeneous curves159-169
M. Barge
B. Diamond
Homeomorphisms of inverse limit spaces of one-dimensional maps171-187
K. ZiemianRotation sets for subshifts of finite type189-201
A. OstrovskyOn open maps of Borel sets203-213
Z. SpasojevićLinear orders and MA + ¬wKH215-238
S. SrivastavaBorel partitions of unity and lower Carathéodory multifunctions239-249
B. ToméIterated coil enlargements of algebras251-266
M. Evans
U. Darji
Path differentiation: further unification267-282
C. LaflammeStrong meager properties for filters283-293
W. Dziobiak
M. Adams
M. Gould
J. Schmid
Quasivarieties of pseudocomplemented semilattices295-312
. Erratum to the paper “Composants of the horseshoe” by Christoph Bandt (Fund. Math. 144 (1994), 231–241)313-313

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