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Fundamenta Mathematicae

Tom 147

Warszawa 1995

Spis treści

K. Sakai
R. Cauty
B. Guo
The hyperspace of finite subsets of a stratifiable space1-9
C. GonzálezDense orderings, partitions and weak forms of choice11-25
D. Fremlin
S. Grekas
Products of completion regular measures27-37
R. Grant WoodsThe minimum uniform compactification of a metric space39-59
K. Kunen
J. van Mill
Measures on Corson compact spaces61-72
M. MorayneSierpiński's hierarchy and locally Lipschitz functions73-82
J. García
J. Martínez Hernández
When is the category of flat modules abelian?83-91
M. LevinInessentiality with respect to subspaces93-68
J. McClure
S. Jackowski
B. Oliver
Self homotopy equivalences of classifying spaces of compact connected Lie groups99-126
Y. SternfeldOn finite-dimensional maps and other maps with "small" fibers127-133
I. Recław
J. Pawlikowski
Parametrized Cichoń's diagram and small sets135-155
D. Dolgopyat
V. Sidorov
Multifractal properties of the sets of zeroes of Brownian paths157-171
Y. SinaiA remark concerning random walks with random potentials173-180
R. de ManOn composants of solenoids181-188
V. Liem
G. Venema
Characterization of knot complements in the n-sphere189-196
G. Itzkowitz
D. Shakhmatov
Large families of dense pseudocompact subgroups of compact groups197-212
J. AarnesConstruction of non-subadditive measures and discretization of Borel measures213-237
K. BarańskiHausdorff dimension and measures on Julia sets of some meromorphic maps239-260
K. Kunen
M. Džamonja
Properties of the class of measure separable compact spaces261-277
W. Dwyer
C. Wilkerson
Product splittings for p-compact groups279-300

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