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Fundamenta Mathematicae

Tom 148

Warszawa 1995

Spis treści

J. BrendleStrolling through paradise1-25
T. RadulOn barycentrically soft compacta27-33
W. Marciszewski
T. Dobrowolski
Classification of function spaces with the pointwise topology determined by a countable dense set35-62
K. SatôA free group acting without fixed points on the rational unit sphere63-69
A. SzymczakThe Conley index for decompositions of isolated invariant sets71-90
M. Džamonja
S. Shelah
J. Cummings
A consistency result on weak reflection91-100
F. WehrungBounded countable atomic compactness of ordered groups101-116
L. Lewis Jr.Change of universe functors in equivariant stable homotopy theory117-158
G. PlebanekOn Radon measures on first-countable spaces159-164
M. Džamonja
S. Shelah
On squares, outside guessing of clubs and I165-198
M. StanleyA cardinal preserving immune partition of the ordinals199-221
L. Rubin
R. Millspaugh
P. Schapiro
Irreducible representations of metrizable spaces and strongly countable-dimensional spaces223-256
J. van Mill
R. Cauty
H. Gladdines
T. Dobrowolski
Les hyperespaces des rétractes absolus et des rétractes absolus de voisinage du plan257-282
S. ŚwierczkowskiConnectedness of the theory of non-surjective injections283-308
J. Chaber
R. Pol
G. Gruenhage
On a perfect set theorem of A. H. Stone and N. N. Lusin’s constituents309-318

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