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Fundamenta Mathematicae

Tom 150

Warszawa 1996

Spis treści

H. Yang
H. Shi
Nonmetrizable topological dynamical characterization of central sets1-9
J. Vaughan
I. Stares
The Dugundji extension property can fail in ωµ -metrizable spaces11-16
M. Levin
Y. Sternfeld
Hyperspaces of two-dimensional continua17-24
K. LuostoUltrametric spaces bi-Lipschitz embeddable in R^n25-42
J. KuleszaThe dimension of X^n where X is a separable metric space43-54
S. TodorčevićAnalytic gaps55-66
K. Kunen
J. Hart
Locally constant functions67-96
E. Tymchatyn
L. Oversteegen
K. Kawamura
On homogeneous totally disconnected 1-dimensional spaces97-112
J. Mioduszewski
W. Dębski
J. Heath
Exactly two-to-one maps from continua onto arc-continua113-126
M. GrzechOn automorphisms of Boolean algebras embedded in P (ω)/fin127-147
L. NewelskiM-rank and meager groups149-171
K. KuribayashiOn the real cohomology of spaces of free loops on manifolds173-188
M. BellA Ramsey theorem for polyadic spaces189-195
M. ZelenýThe Banach–Mazur game and σ-porosity197-210
J. Brendle
T. La Berge
Forcing tightness in products of fans211-226
C. UzcáteguiThe σ-ideal of closed smooth sets does not have the covering property227-236
A. Volberg
I. Popovici
Rigidity of harmonic measure237-244
H. KatoOn indecomposability and composants of chaotic continua245-253
C. GeißDeformations of bimodule problems255-264
H. Baues
M. Hartl
On the homotopy category of Moore spaces and the cohomology of the category of abelian groups265-289
. Index of Volumes 141–150 (1992–1996)291-306

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