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Fundamenta Mathematicae

Tom 152

Warszawa 1996

Spis treści

Y. Nakazawa
K. Shimomura
The homotopy groups of the L2 -localization of a certain type one finite complex at the prime 31-20
A. DowExtending real-valued functions in βκ21-41
R. Sher
A. Koyama
Approximable dimension and acyclic resolutions43-53
B. BossardAn ordinal version of some applications of the classical interpolation theorem55-74
R. Mauldin
S. Jackson
P. Erdös
On infinite partitions of lines and space75-95
W. Comfort
F. Trigos-Arrieta
T. Wu
Correction to the paper “The Bohr compactification, modulo a metrizable subgroup” (Fund. Math. 143 (1993), 119–136)97-98
V. ShavrukovInterpreting reflexive theories in finitely many axioms99-116
C. McCordA Nielsen theory for intersection numbers117-150
L. Redlin
S. Watson
Structure spaces for rings of continuous functions with applications to realcompactifications151-163
U. Abraham
S. Todorčević
Partition properties of ω1 compatible with CH165-181
P. CorazzaA new large cardinal and Laver sequences for extendibles183-188
K. Brucks
R. Galeeva
P. Mumbrú
D. Rockmore
C. Tresser
On the ∗-product in kneading theory189-209
C. McGibbon
J. Møller
Connected covers and Neisendorfer's localization theorem211-230
M. ScheepersCombinatorics of open covers (III): games, Cp (X)231-254
S. Shelah
M. Goldstern
A partial order where all monotone maps are definable255-265
H. BotheShift spaces and attractors in noninvertible horseshoes267-289

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