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Fundamenta Mathematicae

Tom 153

Warszawa 1997

Spis treści

J. Jezierski
D. Gonçalves
Lefschetz coincidence formula on non-orientable manifolds1-23
G. PlebanekNonseparable Radon measures and small compact spaces25-40
J. Steprans
W. Just
P. Szeptycki
M. Scheepers
Gδ -sets in topological spaces and games41-58
D. Benson
J. Carlson
J. Rickard
Thick subcategories of the stable module category59-80
D. AlspachOperators on C(ω^α) which do not preserve C(ω^α)81-98
D. Lutzer
H. Bennett
Diagonal conditions in ordered spaces99-123
W. MarciszewskiA function space Cp(X) not linearly homeomorphic to Cp(X) × R125-40
J. ZapletalA classification of definable forcings on ω1141-144
B. Günther
L. Mdzinarishvili
Continuous Alexander–Spanier cohomology classifies principal bundles with Abelian structure group154-156
A. Andretta
A. Marcone
Ordinary differential equations and descriptive set theory: uniqueness and globality of solutions of Cauchy problems in one dimension157-190
A. BouziadPréimages d’espaces héréditairement de Baire191-197
S. Shelahσ-Entangled linear orders and narrowness of products of Boolean algebras199-275
J. PawlikowskiProperty C'' , strong measure zero sets and subsets of the plane277-293

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