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Fundamenta Mathematicae

Tom 154

Warszawa 1997

Spis treści

V. KanoveiNon-Glimm–Effros equivalence relations at second projective level1-35
F. BauerA strong shape theory with S-duality37-56
K. Kuribayashi
T. Yamaguchi
The cohomology algebra of certain free loop spaces57-73
D. BlancLoop spaces and homotopy operations75-95
J. Rubin
P. Howard
N. Brunner
Choice principles in Węglorz’ models97-121
I. Juhász
A. Dow
Are initially ω1 -compact separable regular spaces compact?123-132
S. FriedmanThe Σ∗ approach to the fine structure of L133-158
S. Fuchino
L. Soukup
More set-theory around the weak Freese–Nation property159-176
W. Just
P. Vojtáš
On matrix rapid filters177-182
V. KanoveiTwo dichotomy theorems on colourability of non-analytic graphs183-201
P. KomjáthA strongly non-Ramsey uncountable graph203-205
L. TanBranched coverings and cubic Newton maps207-260
F. BauerA functional S-dual in a strong shape category261-274
J. AldazBorel extensions of Baire measures275-293
D. FremlinOn compact spaces carrying Radon measures of uncountable Maharam type295-304

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