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Fundamenta Mathematicae

Tom 155

Warszawa 1998

Spis treści

D. NotbohmTopological realization of a family of pseudoreflection groups1-31
T. Nowicki
F. Przytycki
Topological invariance of the Collet–Eckmann property for S-unimodal maps33-43
G. ŚwirszczOn a certain map of a triangle45-57
T. Jech
B. Balcar
W. Główczyński
The sequential topology on complete Boolean algebras59-78
A. ShibakovSequential topological groups of any sequential order under CH79-89
I. Juhász
S. Shelah
On the cardinality and weight spectra of compact spaces, II91-94
P. KomjáthDistinguishing two partition properties of ω195-99
S. Shelah
A. Rosłanowski
Cardinal invariants of ultraproducts of Boolean algebras101-151
S. ShelahA polarized partition relation and failure of GCH at singular strong limit153-160
C. HagopianThe fixed-point property for deformations of tree-like continua161-176
M. Evans
C. Freiling
U. Darji
R. O'Malley
Fine properties of Baire one functions177-188
F. Przytycki
S. Rohde
Porosity of Collet–Eckmann Julia sets189-199
P. FabelSelf-homeomorphisms of the 2-sphere which fix pointwise a nonseparating continuum201-214
H. BruinFor almost every tent map, the turning point is typical215-235
C. Tresser
J. Hu
Period doubling, entropy, and renormalization237-249
N. MinamiOn the Hurewicz image of the cokernel J spectrum251-269
T. Kepka
R. El Bashir
Modules commuting (via Hom) with some limits271-292
K. Simon
B. Solomyak
Correlation dimension for self-similar Cantor sets with overlaps293-300
V. KanoveiWhen a partial Borel order is linearizable301-309

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