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Fundamenta Mathematicae

Tom 156

Warszawa 1998

Spis treści

L. Hernández-ParicioFundamental pro-groupoids and covering projections1-31
M. Kuchta
J. Bobok
X-minimal patterns and a generalization of Sharkovskiĭ's theorem33-66
W. KirkHyperconvexity of R-trees67-72
A. KamburelisDominating analytic families73-83
S. TodorčevićGaps in analytic quotients85-97
J. NowakL2 -characteristic classes of Maslov–Trofimov of hamiltonian systems on the Lie algebra of the upper-triangular matrices99-110
I. Korec
A. Bès
Definability within structures related to Pascal’s triangle modulo an integer111-129
D. LecomteTests à la Hurewicz dans le plan131-165
T. HyttinenOn nonstructure of elementary submodels of a stable homogeneous structure167-182
G. PlebanekOn Pettis integral and Radon measures183-195
A. MaliszewskiOn the insertion of Darboux functions197-209
R. Göbel
S. Pabst
Endomorphism algebras over large domains211-240
R. Wilson
O. Alas
I. Protasov
M. Tkačenko
V. Tkachuk
I. Yaschenko
Almost all submaximal groups are paracompact and σ-discrete241-260
Y. Sternfeld
R. Ball
J. Hagler
The structure of atoms (hereditarily indecomposable continua)261-278
J. PawlikowskiStrongly meager sets and subsets of the plane279-287

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