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Fundamenta Mathematicae

Tom 157

Warszawa 1998

Spis treści

P. Clote
J. Hirst
Reverse mathematics of some topics from algorithmic graph theory1-13
T. KeletiDifference functions of periodic measurable functions15-32
A. DowThe regular open algebra of βRR is not equal to the completion of P(ω)/fin33-41
K. Kunen
J. van Mill
J. Dijkstra
Hausdorff measures and two point set extensions43-60
L. van den DriesDense pairs of o-minimal structures61-78
M. CharalambousA factorization theorem for the transfinite kernel dimension of metrizable spaces79-84
J. IovinoTypes on stable Banach spaces85-95
. In memory of Wiesław Szlenk97-97
M. Lemańczyk
J. Aaronson
D. Volný
A cut salad of cocycles99-119
L. Alsedà
V. Jiménez López
L. Snoha
All solenoids of piecewise smooth maps are period doubling121-138
M. Denker
S. Heinemann
Jordan tori and polynomial endomorphisms in C2139-159
R. Mauldin
M. Urbański
M. Denker
Z. Nitecki
Conformal measures for rational functions revisited161-173
D. Rudolph
J. Feldman
Standardness of sequences of σ-fields given by certain endomorphisms175-189
H. Żołądek
A. Fronville
A. Sadovski
Solution of the 1 : −2 resonant center problem in the quadratic case191-207
W. Geller
M. Pollicott
An entropy for Z2 -actions with finite entropy generators209-220
P. Raith
F. Hofbauer
Density of periodic orbit measures for transformations on the interval with two monotonic pieces221-234
A. IwanikErgodicity for piecewise smooth cocycles over toral rotations235-244
A. Katok
A. Mezhirov
Entropy and growth of expanding periodic orbits for one-dimensional maps245-254
M. Keane
J. Serafin
On the countable generator theorem255-259
J. KwiatkowskiInverse limit of M -cocycles and applications261-276
M. LemańczykEntropy of Gaussian actions for countable Abelian groups277-286
G. LevinBounds for maps of an interval with one reflecting critical point. I287-298
Y. SinaiParabolic perturbations of Hamilton–Jacobi equations299-303
M. WojtkowskiHamiltonian systems with linear potential and elastic constraints305-341

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