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Fundamenta Mathematicae

Tom 158

Warszawa 1998

Spis treści

D. FerrarioComputing Reidemeister classes1-18
R. BianconiA note on noninterpretability in o-minimal structures19-22
J. PrajsContinuous decompositions of Peano plane continua into pseudo-arcs23-40
M. BellOn character and chain conditions in images of products41-49
L. Soukup
J. Roitman
Luzin and anti-Luzin almost disjoint families51-67
S. MardešićCoherent and strong expansions of spaces coincide69-80
O. Spinas
S. Shelah
The distributivity numbers of finite products of P(ω)/fin81-93
S. IliadisAcknowledgement concerning two papers on rational dimension95-95
G. LevinOn backward stability of holomorphic dynamical systems97-107
P. Morales
P. De Lucia
Decomposition of group-valued measures on orthoalgebras109-124
J. Schmerl
H. Kotlarski
T. Bigorajska
On regular interstices and selective types in countable arithmetically saturated models of Peano Arithmetic125-146
G. Gruenhage
Y. Hattori
H. Ohta
Dugundji extenders and retracts on generalized ordered spaces147-164
M. MuleroAlgebraic characterization of finite (branched) coverings165-180
E. MatheronHow to recognize a true Σ^0_3 set181-194
B. WajnrybMapping class group of a handlebody195-228
J. Vaughan
P. Szeptycki
Almost disjoint families and property (a)229-240
R. CautySur les rétractes absolus Pn -valués de dimension finie241-248
K. BarańskiFrom Newton’s method to exotic basins Part I: The parameter space249-288
D. Lutzer
H. Bennett
Ordered spaces with special bases289-299
P. CloteAddendum to “A note on the MacDowell–Specker theorem”301-302

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