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Fundamenta Mathematicae

Volume 159

Warszawa 1999


S. ShelahBorel sets with large squares1-50
U. Abraham
R. Bonnet
Hausdorff ’s theorem for posets that satisfy the finite antichain property51-69
S. Grekas
C. Gryllakis
On products of Radon measures71-84
L. MátéOn infinite composition of affine mappings85-90
I. Agricola
T. Friedrich
The Gaussian measure on algebraic varieties91-98
J. MartínezA forcing construction of thin-tall Boolean algebras99-113
R. CautySuites Fσ -absorbantes en théorie de la dimension115-126
Y. Im
Y. Kim
Hopfian and strongly hopfian manifolds127-134
P. Zakrzewski
I. Recław
Strong Fubini properties of ideals135-152
T. SlamanOn a question of Sierpiński153-159
G. Debs
J. Saint Raymond
Cofinal Σ^1_1 and Π^1_1 subsets of ω^ω161-193
J. Galindo
S. Hernández
The concept of boundedness and the Bohr compactification of a MAP Abelian group195-218
H. VolkmerExtending Peano derivatives: necessary and sufficient conditions219-229
F. Delon
R. Berr
J. Schmid
Ordered fields and the ultrafilter theorem231-241
I. FarahIdeals induced by Tsirelson submeasures243-258
B. VeličkovićA note on Tsirelson type ideals259-268
B. KarpińskaArea and Hausdorff dimension of the set of accessible points of the Julia sets of λe^z and λ sin(z)269-287

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