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Fundamenta Mathematicae

Volume 161

Warszawa 1999


K. AndersenThe normalizer splitting conjecture for p-compact groups1-16
D. Arlettaz
N. Pointet-Tischler
Postnikov invariants of H-spaces17-35
D. Benson
G. Gnacadja
Phantom maps and purity in modular representation theory, I37-91
M. Guest
A. Kozlowski
K. Yamaguchi
Spaces of polynomials with roots of bounded multiplicity93-117
P. HuThe cobordism of Real manifolds119-136
B. JahrenK-theory, flat bundles and the Borel classes137-153
T. KoźniewskiSplitting obstructions and properties of objects in the Nil categories155-165
W. LückThe universal functorial Lefschetz invariant167-215
H. Munkholm
S. Prassidis
Waldhausen’s Nil groups and continuously controlled K-theory217-224
P. Zvengrowski
P. Sankaran
The order of the Hopf bundle on projective Stiefel manifolds225-233
A. Szczepański
A. Vesnin
High-dimensional knots corresponding to the fractional Fibonacci groups235-240
E. RislerCompacts connexes invariants par une application univalente241-277
M. Morimoto
K. Pawałowski
The Equivariant Bundle Subtraction Theorem and its applications279-303
B. HughesStratifications of teardrops305-324
M. ShioyaPartition properties of subsets of Pκλ325-329

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