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Fundamenta Mathematicae

Tom 162

Warszawa 1999

Spis treści

J. BobokOn entropy of patterns given by interval maps1-36
S. Shelah
Z. Shami
Rigid ℵε -saturated models of superstable theories37-46
H. MurakiEmbedding lattices in the Kleene degrees47-64
P. SavelievA Lefschetz-type coincidence theorem65-89
V. ChatyrkoOn finite sum theorems for transfinite inductive dimensions91-98
C. DelhomméAtomic compactness for reflexive graphs99-117
C. Eberhart
J. Fugatei
S. Schumann
Open maps between Knaster continua119-148
J. KrzempekCompositions of simple maps149-162
X. ZhaoMinimal fixed point sets of relative maps163-180
O. KalendaContinuous images and other topological properties of Valdivia compacta181-192
C. Miller
P. Speissegger
Expansions of the real line by open sets: o-minimality and open cores193-208
M. SantosBrown–Peterson cohomology and Morava K-theory of DI(4) and its classifying space209-232
J. Bobok
O. Zindulka
Topological entropy on zero-dimensional spaces233-249
M. Bökstedt
I. Ottosen
Homotopy orbits of free loop spaces251-275
M. SierakowskiA generalization of Zeeman’s family277-286

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