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Fundamenta Mathematicae

Tom 163

Warszawa 2000

Spis treści

F. TallIf it looks and smells like the reals...1-11
A. Hajnal
I. Juhász
S. Shelah
Strongly almost disjoint familes, revisited13-23
S. GaoA dichotomy theorem for mono-unary algebras25-37
S. van StrienMisiurewicz maps unfold generically (even if they are critically non-finite)39-54
S. Todorčević
M. Losada
Chains and antichains in Boolean algebras55-76
J. van Mill
V. Fedorchuk
Dimensionsgrad for locally connected Polish spaces77-82
A. Ehrenfeucht
W. Dziobiak
J. Grace
D. Silberger
A deceptive fact about functions83-93
D. BurkeA note on a question of Abe95-98
G. GraffMinimal periods of maps of rational exterior spaces99-115
K. FrączekOn ergodicity of some cylinder flows117-130
P. HaïssinskyDéformation J-équivalente de polynômes géometriquement finis131-141
G. Gruenhage
J. Moore
Countable Toronto spaces143-162
A. Dow
K. Hart
The measure algebra does not always embed163-176
M. WojtkowskiMagnetic flows and Gaussian thermostats on manifolds of negative curvature177-191
J. Kwiatkowski
Y. Lacroix
T. Downarowicz
Spectral isomorphisms of Morse flows193-213
S. SoleckiFilters and sequences215-228
E. Tymchatyn
J. Song
Free spaces229-239
V. Gutev
H. Ohta
Does C* -embedding imply C*-embedding in the realm of products with a non-discrete metric factor?241-265
R. KaufmanPCA sets and convexity267-275
A. ZdunikOn biaccessible points in Julia sets of polynomials277-286

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