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Fundamenta Mathematicae

Volume 164

Warszawa 2000


G. HjorthWildness in the product groups1-33
R. KallmanEvery reasonably sized matrix group is a subgroup of S ∞35-40
V. KaukoTrees of visible components in the Mandelbrot set41-60
H. FriedmanBorel and Baire reducibility61-69
A. NeemanLoop spaces of the Q-construction71-95
P. Gartside
E. Reznichenko
Near metric properties of function spaces97-114
L. Alsedà
N. Fagella
Dynamics on Hubbard trees115-141
M. Kojman Convexity ranks in higher dimensions143-163
J. HirschornTowers of measurable functions165-192
W. TaylorSpaces and equations193-240
S. Lee
Y. Lim
C. Park
Knots in S^2 x S^1 derived from Sym(2,R)241-252
F. Parreau
M. Lemańczyk
J. Thouvenot
Gaussian automorphisms whose ergodic self-joinings are Gaussian253-293

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