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Fundamenta Mathematicae

Tom 166

Warszawa 2000

Spis treści

L. PacholskiIntroduction
S. ShelahOn what I do not understand (and have something to say): Part I1-82
S. ShelahEmbedding Cohen algebras using pcf theory83-86
S. ShelahStrong covering without squares87-107
S. ShelahCovering of the null ideal may have countable cofinality109-136
S. ShelahOn a problem of Steve Kalikow137-151
S. ShelahCellularity of free products of Boolean algebras (or topologies)153-208
S. AntonyanThe topology of the Banach–Mazur compactum209-232
M. RamsGeneralized Whitney partitions233-249
S. TodorčevićA dichotomy for P-ideals of countable sets251-267
A. Miller
S. Popvassilev
Vitali sets and Hamel bases that are Marczewski measurable269-279
K. Musiał
N. Macheras
W. Strauss
Product liftings and densities with lifting invariant and density invariant sections281-303

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