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Fundamenta Mathematicae

Volume 47

Warszawa 1959


A. KosińskiSome theorems about two-dimensional polyhedra1-28
G. KurepaGeneral continuum hypothesis and ramifications29-33
T. GaneaOn e-maps onto manifolds35-44
T. Ganea
I. Berstein
Remark on spaces dominated by manifolds45-56
R. Vaught
S. Feferman
The first order properties of products of algebraic systems57-103
R. BingConditions under which a surface in HI3 is tame105-139
E. DyerOn the dimension of products141-160
S. ŚwierczkowskiOn cyclicly ordered groups161-166
S. ŚwierczkowskiOn cyclicly ordered intervals of integers167-172
E. MichaelDense families of continuous selections173-178
A. RobinsonSolution of a problem of Tarski179-204
S. LeaderOn clusters in proximity spaces205-213
J. StaniszewskaSur la classe de Baire des dérivées de Dini215-217
R. Vaught
E. Montague
Natural models of set theories219-242
R. Vaught
E. Montague
A note on theories with selectors243-247
J. StallingsFixed point theorems for connectivity maps249-263
A. LelekEnsembles d-connexes et le théorème de Gehman265-276
С. СоболевНекоторые обобщения теорем вложения277-324
K. BorsukOn a metrization of polytopes325-341

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