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Fundamenta Mathematicae

Tom 84

Warszawa 1974

Spis treści

S. MorrisMaximally almost periodic groups and varieties of topological groups1-4
W. ReinhardtSet existence principles of Shoenfield, Ackermann, and Powell5-34
J. BrownLusin density and Ceder's differentiable restrictions of arbitrary real functions35-45
S. GodlewskiMutational retracts and extensions of mutations47-65
T. SandersOn the inequivalence of the Borsuk and the H-shape theories for arbitrary metric spaces67-73
H. HöpftA normal form for some semigroups generated by idempotents75-78
A. IwanikA remark on a paper of H. Höft79-80
. Errata80-80
G. GardinerThe equivalence of Boolean prime ideal theorem and a theorem of functional analysis81-86
Z. GrandeQuelgues remarques sur les families de fonctions de Baire de première classe87-91
T. Muenzenherger
R. Smithson
On the equivalence of certain coincidence theorems and fixed point theorems93-100
R. ShoreSquare bracket partition relations in L101-106
K. Nagami
M. Čoban
J. Chaber
On monotonic generalizations of Moore spaces, Čech complete spaces and p -spaces107-119
H. SchirmerSimplicial approximation of small multifunctions121-126
H. PriestleyStone lattices: a topological approach127-143
R. PolNormality in function spaces145-155
A. KirkorAbout neighborhoods of surfaces integrally unknotted in S3157-168
C. BandyA characterization of Hurewicz spaces169-171
A. MostowskiErrata to the paper "Models of second order arithmetic with definable Skolem functions", Fundamenta Mathematicae 75 (1972), pp. 223-234173-173
J. KrasinkiewiczOn the hyperspaces of hereditarily indecomposable continua175-186
J. TrussClasses of Dedekind finite cardinals187-208
С. БогатыйO тeopeмe Bиeториca B кaтeгopии гoмoтопий и одной пpoблeмe Бopcyкa209-228
S. SinghA 3-dimensional irreducible compact absolute retract which contains no disc229-235
J. PłonkaOn connections between the decomposition of an algebra into sums of direct systems of subalgehras237-244
D. McMillanNon-planar embeddings of planar sets in E3245-254
J. KrasinkiewiczOn internal composants of indecomposable plane continua255-263
R. CusinThe number of countable generic models for finite forcing ...265-270

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