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Fundamenta Mathematicae

Tom 86

Warszawa 1974

Spis treści

J. BrownAlmost continuous Darboux functions and Reed's pomtwise convergence criteria1-7
R. Osborne
D. DeGryse
A wild Cantor set in En with simply connected complement9-27
T. McLaughlinDegrees of unsolvability within a regressive isol29-40
A. TycOn h-regular graded algebras41-52
H. ToruńczykAbsolute retracts as factois of normed linear spaces53-67
В. ФедорчукЗадача А. Н. Tихонова о классифкации Н-замкнутых расширeнии69-90
H. CookClumps of continua91-100
B. WęglorzBoolean-valued selectors for families of sets101-116
E. WoodruffExamples of disks in E3/G which cannot be approximated by P-liftable disks117-136
D. BennettA characterization of locally connectedness by means of the set function T137-141
Z. HartvigsonA non-Desargnesian space geometry143-147
E. Johnson
M. Detlefsen
Prime sequences and distribntivity in local Noether lattices149-156
A. SzymańskiRemarks on the absolute suspension157-161
R. Sher
B. Ball
A theory of proper shape for locally compact metric spaces163-192
J. LipińskiOn level sets of Darboux functions193-199
W. KulpaProximity classes of uniformities201-206
W. DietrichIdeals in subalgebras of C(X)207-219
S. SubbiahSome finitely generated subsemigroups of S(X)221-231
W. KulpaHomeomorphisms of inverse limits of metric spaces233-235
M. JaegermaannNormal radicals of endomorphism rings of free and projective modules237-250
K. MoritaOn shapes of topological spaces251-259
K. BorsukOn fundamental deformation retracts and on some related notions261-270
R. Pol
E. Puzio
An open-perfect mapping on a hereditarily disconnected space onto a connected space271-178
R. MansfieldThe non-existence of Σ12 well-orderings of the Cantor set279-282
L. LesniakOn longest paths in connected graphs283-286

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