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Fundamenta Mathematicae

Tom 88

Warszawa 1975

Spis treści

. Errata
K. MoritaOn generalizations of Borsuk's homotopy extension theorem1-6
J. BaldwinConservative extensions and the two cardinal theorem for stable theories7-9
I. FleischerOn extending congruences from partial algebras11-16
M. MorseTopologically nondegenerate functions17-52
D. RuddP-ideals and F-ideals in rings of continuous functions53-59
P. KenderovSemi-continuity of set-valued monotone mappings61-69
H. ToruńczykOn Cartesian factors and the topological classification of linear metric spaces71-86
S. GodlewskiOn the shape of MAR and MANR-spaces87-94
D. EdwardsTwo theorems of functional analysis effectively equivalent to choice axioms95-101
L. GórniewiczA Lefschetz-type fixed point theorem103-115
A. ShafaatBoolean groupoids117-120
W. WięsławA characterization of locally compact fields II121-125
E. van DouwenThe box product of countably many metrizable spaces need not be normal127-132
S. MukhopadhyayOn the approximate Peano derivatives133-143
H. SchirmerA Nielsen number for fixed points and near points of small multifunctions145-156
E. EllentuckPartition topologies for largo cardinals157-161
J. NienhuysSome examples of monothetio groups163-171
R. FleissnerOn the product of derivatives173-178
J. OlędzkiOn movability and other similar shape properties179-191
R. TelgárskySpaces defined by topological games193-223
T. MaćkowiakLocally weakly confluent mappings on hereditarily locally connected continua225-240
R. SherA theory of absolute proper retracts241-247

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