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Fundamenta Mathematicae

Tom 89

Warszawa 1975

Spis treści

R. MillmanGroups in the category of f-manifolds1-4
H. CarstensReducing hyperarithmetic sequences5-11
Y. KodamaOn Δ -spaces and fundamental dimension in the sense of Borsuk13-22
K. DevlinKurepa's hypothesis and the continuum23-31
S. Nadler
J. Quinn
H. Reiter
Results and problems concerning compaetifications, compact subtopologies, and mappings33-44
K. JoshiInfinite dimensional non-symmetric Borsuk-Ulam theorem45-50
J. JobeWide tree-like spaces have a fixed point51-60
S. NowakOn the fundamental dimension of approximatively l-connected compacta61-79
A. Szymański
M. Strok
Compact metric spaces have binary bases81-91
E. TymchatynOn the rim-types of hereditarily locally connected continua93-97
D. RosemanProjections of knots99-110
S. FefermanTwo notes on abstract model theory. II Languages for which, the set of valid sentences is semi-invariantly implicitly definable111-130
R. GerOn some functional equations with a restricted domain131-149
J. BenthemA set-theoretical equivalent of the prime ideal theorem for Boolean algebras151-153
D. KuekerCore structures for theories155-171
H. PotocznyClosure-preserving families of finite sets173-176
B. BallProper shape retracts177-189
B. WęglorzSubstructures of reduced powers191-197
W. EatonApplications of a mismatch, theorem to decomposition spaces199-224
M. JanowitzExamples of statisch and finite-statisch AC -lattices225-227
S. GodlewskiA characterization of MAE and MANR-spaces by extendability of mutations229-232
J. KrasinkiewiczCurves which are continuous images of tree-like continua are movable233-260
P. DoyleA topological collapse number for all spaces261-263
H. RosenConnectivity points and Darboux points of real functions265-269

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