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Fundamenta Mathematicae

Tom 90

Warszawa 1975

Spis treści

. Andrzej Mostowski (1913-1975) Nécrologie
. Index alphabétique des tomes LXXXI-XC (1973-1976)
L. DemersOn spaces which have the shape of C. W. complexes1-9
J. JohnsonSemi-local lattices11-15
T. KuusaloOn the Beurling-Ahlfors functional inequality17-22
I. GuintchevConcerning unicoherence of continua23-33
K. JoshiNon-symmetric generalizations of theorems of Dyson and Livesay35-43
M. Morley
R. Soare
Boolean algebras, splitting theorems, and Δ02 sets45-52
J. Burgess
D. Miller
Remarks on invariant descriptive set theory53-75
J. DydakA generalization of cohomotopy groups77-98
D. SprowsHomeotopy groups of compact 2-manifolds99-103
V. Lee
M. Nadel
On the number of generic models105-114
D. Edwards
R. Geoghegan
Compacta woale shape equivalent to ANR-s115-124
С. ИлиадисО нерастягливающих отображениях компактов125-129
J. DugundjiPositive definite functions and coincidences131-142
P. ZenorSome continuous separation axioms143-158
E. López-EscobarOn an extremely restricted ω-rulo159-172
K. KuperbergA note on the Hurewioz isomorphism theorem in Borsuk's theory of shape173-175
N. WilliamsTightly packed families of sots177-180
J. ForanA note on Lusin's condition (N)181-186
R. KnoebelA comment on Balbes' representation theorem for distributive quasi-lattices187-188
R. McCoyFunction spaces with intervals as domain spaces189-198
S. FerryWhen e-boundaries are manifolds199-210
W. WilczyńskiSuperpositions of transformations of bounded variation211-231
L. Górniewicz
J. Bryszewski
Multi-valued maps of subsets of Euclidean, spaces233-251
R. OsborneEmbedding Cantor sets in a manifold. III. Approximating spheres253-259
J. BaildonEuler characteristics of 2-manifolds and light open maps261-268
F. JensenSouslin-Klееnе does not imply Beth269-273
J. OxtobyThe kernel operation on subsets of a T1-space275-284
R. BlairFilter characterizations of z-, C*-, and C-embeddings285-300

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