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Fundamenta Mathematicae

Tom 91

Warszawa 1976

Spis treści

I. RosenholtzLocal expansions, derivatives, and fixed points1-4
H. HashimotoOn the *topology and its application5-10
H. Wicke
J. Worrell
Topological completeness of first countable Hausdorff spaces II11-27
R. Ger
A. Smajdor
p-convex iteration groups29-38
J. KrasinkiewiczMappings onto circle-like continua39-49
S. MardešićOn the Whitehead theorem in shape theory I51-64
D. MyersInvariant uniformization65-72
J. QuigleyEquivalence of fundamental and approaching groups of movable pointed compacta73-83
J. CederOn Darboux selections85-91
S. MardešićOn the Whitehead theorem in shape theory II93-103
R. MańkaAssociation and fixed points105-121
T. Przymusiński
K. Alster
Normality and Martin's axiom123-131
L. McAuleyMappings covered by products and pinched products133-143
S. Balcerzyk
P. Chan
R. Kiełpiński
On three types of simplicial objects145-160
T. PrzymusińskiNormality and paracompactness in subsets of product spaces161-165
W. HanfRepresenting real numbers in denumerable Boolean algebras167-170
P. KranzExtension of a valuation on a lattice171-178
J. MartinOn a simply connected 1-dimensional continuum without the fixed point property179-182
J. LuhRings in which every proper right ideal is maximal183-188
G. ReedOn subspaces of separable first countable T2-spaces189-202
G. Reed
P. Zenor
Metrization of Moore spaces and generalized manifolds203-210
J. ChaberMetacompactness and the class MOBI211-217
R. DickamnMulticoherent spaces219-229
F. RichmanA constructive modification of Vietoris homology231-240
H. RosenAn annulus theorem for suspension spheres241-245

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