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Fundamenta Mathematicae

Tom 92

Warszawa 1976

Spis treści

S. BaskaranCLT and non-CLT groups of order p2q21-7
D. CookComplete exact sequences9-11
J. Pak
S. Kim
On the actions of SO(3) on lens spaces13-16
E. PuczyłowskiOn group nil rings17-23
R. Lacher
R. Geoghegan
Compacta with the shape finite complexes25-27
A. Lelek
W. Kuperberg
Homotopy properties of pathwise connected continua29-41
M. MoszyńskaConcerning the Whitehead Theorem for movable compacta43-55
M. Shanks
S. Warner
Locally bounded topologies on the rational field57-61
A. EmerykA hereditarily indecomposable non-metric Hausdorff continuum63-64
T. IshiiParacompactness of topological completions65-77
B. RaySome fixed point theorems79-90
J. KetonenOn the existence of P-points in the Stone-Čech compactification of integers91-94
J. KrasinkiewiczOn a method of constructing ANR-sets. An application of inverse limits95-112
D. PincusTwo model theoretic ideas in independence proofs113-130
W. HollandEquitable partitions of continuum131-133
K. KellumOn a question of Borsuk concerning non-continuous retracts II135-140
P. LamDiscrete and continuous flows of characteristic 0+-141-147
T. MaćkowiakArcwise connected and hereditarily smooth continua149-171
G. OsiusEine Erweiterung der NGB-Mengenlehre als Grandlage der Kategorientheorie173-207
B. WęglorzAn addition to "Substructures of reduced powers"209-211
L. Górniewicz
G. Fournier
The Lefschetz fixed point theorem for multivalued maps of non-metrizable spaces213-222
A. Ehrenfeucht
D. Jensen
Some problem in elementary arithmetics223-245
J. KeeslingOn the Whitehead Theorem in shape theory247-253
J. Keesling
J. Draper
An example concerning the Whitehead Theorem in shape theory255-259

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