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Fundamenta Mathematicae

Tom 93

Warszawa 1976

Spis treści

P. Nyikos
H. Reichel
On uniform spaces with linearly ordered bases II (ωu>M-metric spaces)1-10
A. NaoumA note on tangentially equivalent manifolds11-14
C. MaxsonIdempotent generated algebras and Boolean pairs15-22
S. Singh 3-dimensional AR's which do not contain 2-dimensional ANR's23-36
T. SandersCompactly generated shape theories37-40
A. Baartmans
J. Woeppel
The automorphism group of a p-group of maximal class with an abelian maximal subgroup41-46
B. Rao
A. Maitra
Selection theorems for partitions of Polish spaces47-56
R. Pol
E. Puzio-Pol
Remarks on Cartesian products57-69
K. Morita
T. Hoshina
P-embedding and product spaces71-80
J. WierzejewskiOn stability and products81-95
M. CharalambousSpaces with increment of dimension n97-107
T. JózefiakA homological characterization of graded complete intersections, II109-114
T. JózefiakThe André-Quillen homology of commutative graded algebras115-129
W. GuzickiOn weaker forms of choice in second order arithmetic131-144
J. Segal
G. Kozlowski
Movability and shape-connectivity145-154
Z. GrandeLes fonctions qui ont la propriété (K) et la mesurabilité des fonctions de deux variables155-160
A. GmurczykOn bouquets161-179
B. WęglorzA note on "Atomic compactness in n1-categorical Horn theories" by John T. Baldwin181-183
P. Howard
J. Dawson
Factorials of infinite cardinals185-195
K. BorsukSome quantitative properties of shapes197-212
M. MillerCharacterizations of real functions by continua213-221
P. CohenHigher Tall axioms223-228

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