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Fundamenta Mathematicae

Tom 94

Warszawa 1977

Spis treści

M. SmithThe irreducibility of continua which are the inverse limit of a collection of Hausdorff arcs1-11
B. WęglorzHomogeneity, universality and saturatedness of limit reduced powers (II)13-23
R. Engelking
D. Lutzer
Paraconapactness in ordered spaces25-33
D. PaulowichWeak contractibility and hyperspaces35-39
J. WierzejewskiHomogeneity, universality and saturatedness of limit reduced powers I41-47
T. MaćkowiakOn decompositions of hereditarily smooth continua49-58
J. Morgan IIBaire category from an abstract viewpoint59-64
R. FleissnerDistant bounded variation and products of derivatives65-73
R. O'MalleyApproximate maxima75-81
S. MrówkaSome set-theoretic constructions in topology83-92
A. ToddPseudo-completeness in linear metrizable spaces93-96
J. RosenblattTotally-disconnected compact metric groups97-106
E. BraudeSemilattice theory with applications to point-set topology107-120
J. SchmerlOn χo-categoricity and the theory of trees121-128
A. BlassTwo closed categories of filters129-143
D. GillamMorley numbers for generalized languages145-153
Z. RakowskiMonotone decompositions of continua155-163
J. BrownOn the Baire order of concentrated spaces and L1 spaces165-172
L. LipshitzThe real closure of a commutative regular f-ring173-176
G. TashjianCozero and Baire maps on products of uniform spaces177-189
K. BorsukOn a metrization of the hyperspace of a metric space191-207
J. ChaberOn point-countable collections and monotonic properties209-219
B. RayOn Ciric's fixed point theorem221-229
М. ТайцлинЭкзистенциальпо замкнутые коммутативные полутруппы231-243
L. Górniewicz
G. Fournier
The Lefschetz fixed point theorem for some noncompact multi-valued maps245-254

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