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Fundamenta Mathematicae

Tom 95

Warszawa 1977

Spis treści

. Edward Marczewski (1907-1976) Nécrologie
J. GoodykoontzSome functions on hyperspaces of hereditarily unicoherent continua1-10
M. DaguenetEmploi des filtres sur N dans l'étude descriptive des fonctions11-33
B. HajdukComparing handle decompositions of homotopy equivalent manifolds35-47
J. Guthrie
M. Henry
Metrization, paracompactness, and real-valued functions49-53
J. Segal
G. Kozlowski
Locally well-behaved paracompacta in shape theory55-71
V. Lee
M. Nadel
Remarks on generic models73-84
L. PacholskiHomogeneity, universality and saturatedness of limit reduced powers III85-94
R. PolNote on decompositions of metrizable spaces I95-103
T. NishiuraA subset theorem in dimension theory105-109
G. UngarANR's and NES's in the category of mappings on metric spaces111-127
R. MauldinOn rectangles and countably generated families129-139
R. SchultzClosed curves and circle homomorphisms in groups of diffeomorphisms141-146
M. JaegermaannNormal radicals147-155
C. ZemkeDimension and decompositions157-165
L. Harrington
A. Kechris
Π12 singletons and 0#167-171
Б. ЗильберГруппы и кольца, теория которых категорична173-188
C. Wall
S. Kapoor
A. Polimeni
Degree sets for graphs189-194
J. ParisModels of arithmetic and the 1-3-1 lattice195-199
H. PatkowskaA class a and locally connected continua which can be ε-mapped onto a surface201-222
A. WilkieOn models of arithmetic having non-modular substructure lattices223-237

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