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Fundamenta Mathematicae

Tom 96

Warszawa 1977

Spis treści

C. Hoo
H. Hösli
On the division by the circle1-7
Z. GrandeLe rang de Baire de la famille de toutes les fonctions ayant la propriété (K)9-15
M. MoszyńskaTheory of equidistance and betweenness relations in regular metric spaces17-29
J. ForanOn functions whose graph is of linear measure 0 on sets of measure 031-36
A. BatbedatDemi-groupes, espaces affines et categories gauches37-51
M. LassakО независимости точек метрического пространства53-66
E. EllentuckBoolean valued rings67-86
. Errata86-86
A. ZarachExtension of ZF-models to models with the scheme of choice87-89
D. SimsonOn pure global dimension of locally finitely presented Grothendieck categories91-116
D. McMillanA locally connected non-movable continuum that fails to separate E3117-125
C. RauszerAn algebraic approach to the Heyting-Brouwer predicate calculus127-135
J. RogersObtaining inverse sequences for certain continua137-148
R. SherExtensions, retracts, and absolute neighborhood retracts in proper shape theory149-159
M. SrebrnyRelatively constructible transitive models161-172
M. BixA geometric filtration of ...173-175
W. CornishThe Chinese remainder theorem and sheaf representations177-187
J. BrownBaire category in spaces of probability measures189-193
D. Edwards
P. McAuley
The shape of a map195-210
B. Balcar
P. Štěpánek
Boolean matrices, subalgebras and automorphisms of complete Boolean algebras211-223
M. Rajagopalan
M. Jayachandran
Scattered compactification for the Arens' space S2225-228
K. KellumThe equivalence of absolute almost continuous retracts and ε-absolute229-235

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