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Fundamenta Mathematicae

Tom 98

Warszawa 1978

Spis treści

K. HrbacekAxiomatic foundations for Nonstandard Analysis1-19
D. PincusA note on the cardinal factorial23-24
H. ReichelSome results on uniform spaces with linearly ordered bases25-39
F. WattenbergNonstandard analysis and the theory of shape41-60
T. PrzymusińskiCollectionwise normality and absolute retracts61-73
T. PrzymusińskiCollectionwise normality and extensions of continuous functions75-81
О. БелеградекЭлементарные свойства алгебраически замкнутых групп83-101
W. Marekω-models of second order arithmetic and admissible sets103-120
J. SchmerlA decidable N0-categorical theory with a non-recursive Ryll-Nardzewski function121-125
W. Holsztyński
F. Pedersen
Finite T0-spaces and universal mappings127-139
J. KrasinkiewiczContinuous images of continua and l-movability141-164
S. Nadler
J. Krasinkiewicz
Whitney properties165-180
A. LelekThe span and the width of continua181-199
A. PrószyńskiOn orthogonal decomposition of homogeneous polynomials201-217
A. PrószyńskiSome functors related to polynomial theory219-229
E. TymchatynOn finitely Suslinian continua231-247
R. GerOn some functional equations with a restricted domain, II249-272
H. LängerC-S-maximal superassociative systems273-277
W. FleissnerSeparation properties in Moore spaces279-286

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