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Fundamenta Mathematicae

Tom 99

Warszawa 1978

Spis treści

C. Cordes
J. Ramsey
Quadratic forms over fields with и = q/2< + oo1-10
J. LakeUndefinable ordinals and the rank hierachy11-13
M. MoszyńskaConcerning the shape groups of compact metric spaces15-34
K. BorsukOn the Lusternik-Schnirelmann category in the theory of shape35-42
D. DaykinTriangle contractive self maps of the plane43-46
B. RhoadesFixtures for triangle contractive self maps47-50
A. TaylorPartitions of pairs of reals51-59
M. MagidorChanging cofinality of cardinals61-71
R. FreiwaldImages of B(k)73-78
C. ApplebaumSome structure theorems for inverse ω-semigroups79-91
R. KnoebelFurther conclusions on functional completeness93-112
R. KiełpińskiExact sequences of pairs in commutative rings113-121
H. KotlarskiSome remarks on well-ordered models123-132
J. TrussThe axiom of choice for linearly ordered families133-139
W. RosickiOn topological factors of 3 dimensional locally connected continuum embeddable in E3141-154
G. UngarCountable dense homogeneity and n-homogeneity155-160
H. PatkowskaA counter-example concerning quasi-homeomorphisms of compacta161-174
H. BotheA wildly embedded 1-dimensional compact set in S3 each of whose components is tame175-187
R. Schori
D. Curtis
Hyperspaces of polyhedra are Hilbert cubes189-197
J. MakowskySome observations on Uniform Reduction for properties invariant on the range of definable relations199-203
T. MooreOn Fox's theory of overlays205-211
J. Segal
G. Kozlowski
Local behavior and the Vietoris and Whitehead theorems in shape theory213-225
J. Krasinkiewicz
P. Minc
Dendroids and their endpoints227-244

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