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Control and Cybernetics

Tom 36

Warszawa 2007

Spis treści

. Contents3-4
N. Osmolovskii
H. Maurer
Equivalence of second order optimality conditions for bang-bang control problems. Part 2: Proofs, variational derivatives and representations5-45
T. KaczorekRealization problem for singular positive continuous-time systems with delays47-57
T. Chien
C. Chen
C. Wu
Y. Huang
C. Chen
Tracking and disturbance rejection in a nonlinear control system with time delay59-74
H. Rouhani
A. Sadeghzadeh
C. Lucas
B. Araabi
Emotional learning based intelligent speed and position control applied to neurofuzzy model of switched reluctance motor75-95
P. SuchomskiA reliable synthesis of discrete-time H_∞ control. Part I: basic theorems and J-lossless conjugators97-141
A. AybarDecentralized structural control approach for Petri nets143-159
T. AntczakSecond order convexity and a modified objective function method in mathematical programming161-182
J. Błażewicz
P. Łukasik
S. Wilk
New machine learning methods for prediction of protein secondary structures183-201
M. Basu
S. Sinha
An inflationary inventory model with time dependent demand with Weibull distribution deterioration and partial backlogging under permissible delay in payments203-217
E. KorczakNew formula for the failure/repair frequency of multi-state monotone systems and its applications219-239
R. MotykaSudden death testing versus traditional censored life testing. A Monte-Carlo study241-250
L. Ustinovichius
V. Podvezko
E. Zavadkas
Application of a quantitative multiple criteria decision making (MCDM-1) approach to the analysis of investments in construction251-268
K. TchońBook review: "Current Trends in Nonlinear Systems and Control" by L. Menini, L. Zaccarian and Ch.T. Abdallah, eds.269-273
. Contents277-279
I. KaliszewskiPreface: Multiple Criteria Decision Making Refinements: Models and Methodologies281-282
J. Hakanen
Y. Kawajiri
K. Miettinen
L. Biegler
Interactive multi-objective optimization for simulated moving bed processes283-302
W. OgryczakMulticriteria models for fair resource allocation303-332
V. Emelichev
E. Gurevsky
On stability of some lexicographic multicriteria Boolean problem333-346
D. PodkopaevAn approach to finding trade-off solutions by a linear transformation of objective functions347-355
D. KuchtaOn a bicriteria optimal production plan357-366
I. KaliszewskiA method of approximating Pareto sets for assessments of implicit Pareto set elements367-381
C. Chen
Y. Huang
W. Lin
D. Shen
L. Huang
Feedback linearization of control for nonlinear systems with uncertainties385-403
B. Shah
N. Shah
Y. Shah
An EOQ model with time dependent deterioration under discounted cash flow approach when supplier credits are linked to order quantity405-423
M. GóraStability of the convex combination of polynomials425-442
L. KlukowskiEstimation of tolerance relation on the basis of multiple pairwise comparisons with random errors443-466
L. KlukowskiCompletion and clarification to the paper "Tests for relation type - equivalence or tolerance - in finite set of elements" (Control and Cybernetics 35, 2006, no. 2)467-468
T. KaczorekBook review: "Linear Systems" by Panos J. Antsaklis and Anthony N. Michel469-472
A. MyślińskiBook review: "Statistics and Analysis of Shape" by H. Krim, A. Yezzi, Jr., eds.473-477
J. WytrębowiczBook review: "Organizational Principles for Multi-Agent Architectures" by Chris van Aart479-482
D. Zagrodny
Z. Naniewicz
E. Bednarczuk
. Contents487-488
S. Dolecki
G. Greco
Towards historical roots of necessary conditions of optimality: Regula of Peano491-518
L. Anh
P. Khanh
Existence conditions in symmetric multivalued vector quasiequilibrium problems519-530
B. Mordukhovich
T. Bao
Variational principles for set-valued mappings with applications to multiobjective optimization531-562
E. BednarczukOn weak sharp minima in vector optimization with applications to parametric problems563-570
F. De Blasi
V. Lakshmikantham
T. Gnana Bhaskar
An existence theorem for set differential inclusions in a semilinear metric space571-582
M. Castellani
M. Pappalardo
Local cone approximations in optimization583-600
A. CegielskiA generalization of the Opial's theorem601-610
Z. Denkowski
S. Migórski
A. Ochal
Optimal control for a class of mechanical thermoviscoelastic frictional contact problems611-632
D. Dentcheva
A. Ruszczyński
Composite semi-infinite optimization633-646
S. DoleckiAdherence of minimizers for dual convergences647-658
A. IoffeOn regularity estimates for mappings between embedded manifolds659-668
A. JouraniRadiality and semismoothness669-680
I. Lasiecka
D. Toundykov
Stability of higher-level energy norms of strong solutions to a wave equation with localized nonlinear damping and a nonlinear source term681-710
K. MalanowskiA characterization of stability and sensitivity properties for state-constrained optimal control711-726
Z. NaniewiczHemivariational inequalities governed by the p-Laplacian - Neumann problem727-754
H. Ngai
M. Théra
φ-regular functions in Asplund spaces755-774
W. SongError bounds for convex constrained systems in Banach spaces775-792
D. ZagrodnyA weak* approximation of subgradient of convex function793-802
L. ZajíčekA C1 function which is nowhere strongly paraconvex and nowhere semiconcave803-810
T. ZolezziCondition numbers and Ritz type methods in unconstrained optimization811-822
L. Górniewicz
M. Ślosarski
Fixed points of mapping in Klee admissible spaces825-832
J. MusielakOn spaces with mixed modulars and some spaces of temperate distributions833-839
D. Przeworska-RolewiczSome summation formulae in commutative Leibniz algebras with logarithms841-857
W. ŻelazkoContinuous characters and joint topological spectrum859-864
E. BednarczukInterview with Professor Stefan Rolewicz and Danuta Przeworska-Rolewicz865-872
J. ZabczykProfessor Stefan Rolewicz: Curriculum vitae and List of publications873-884
. Contents887-888
Z. Naniewicz
M. Nockowska
Systems of variational inequalities related to economic equilibrium889-909
R. Urbański
J. Grzybowski
D. Pallaschke
Generalized directional derivatives for locally Lipschitz functions which satisfy Leibniz rule911-924
M. StudniarskiWeak sharp minima in multiobjective optimization925-937
K. Kuźmiński
M. Krawiecki
Single stage algorithms for pole placement using static output feedback939-965
J. CzeczotOn possibilities of the practical implementation of balance-based adaptive control methodology967-984
M. RomaniukOn some method for diagnosing convergence in MCMC setups via atoms and renewal sets985-1008
J. Stefanowski
D. Weiss
Extending k-means with the description comes first approach1009-1035
J. Szmidt
M. Kontak
Nonlinearity of the round function1037-1044
K. MalanowskiBook review: "An Invitation to Variational Methods in Differential Equations" by D. G. Costa1045-1046
I. PawłowBook review: "Methods of nonlinear analysis. Applications to Differential Equations" by P. Drábek, J. Milota1047-1048
A. MyślińskiBook review: "Linear Partial Differential Equations for Scientists and Engineers" by Tyn Myint-U, Lokenath Debnath1049-1050
J. MańdziukBook review: "Neural Networks and Sea Time Series. Reconstruction and extreme-event analysis" by B. Tirozzi, S. Puca, S. Pittalis, A. Bruschi, S. Morucci, E. Ferraro and S. Corsini1051-1053
J. PomykałaBook review: "Contemporary Cryptology" by D. Catalano, R. Cramer, I. Damgard, G. Di Crescenzo, D. Pointcheval, T. Takagi1055-1058
. Table of contents of volume 36 (2007)1059-1062
. Alphabetical list of contributors of volume 36 (2007)1063-1065
. The list of volume's referees1067-1069

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