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Control and Cybernetics

Tom 38

Warszawa 2009

Spis treści

M. Gorawski
T. Morzy
R. Wrembel
Guest Editors' Introduction5-8
S. Greco
R. Słowiński
I. Szczęch
Analysis of monotonicity properties of some rule interestingness measures9-25
J. Stefanowski
R. Ziembiński
An experimental evaluation of two approaches to mining context based sequential patterns27-45
P. Grudziński
M. Wojciechowski
Integration of candidate hash trees in concurrent processing of frequent itemset queries using Apriori47-65
P. Kazienko
K. Musiał
A. Zgrzywa
Evaluation of node position based email communication67-86
A. Wierzbicki
M. Morzy
A. Papadopoulos
Mining online auction social networks for reputation and recommendation87-106
T. Morzy
W. Andrzejewski
Z. Królikowski
How to improve efficiency of analysis of sequential data?107-126
R. Wrembel
W. Andrzejewski
Z. Królikowski
M. Masewicz
Predicting access to materialized methods by means of hidden Markov model127-152
M. GorawskiTime complexity of page filling algorithms in Materialized Aggregate List (MAL) and MAL/TRIGG materialization cost153-172
T. PankowskiSchema mapping and query reformulation in peer-to-peer XML data integration system173-192
M. Falkowski
C. Jędrzejek
An efficient SQL-based querying method to RDF schemata193-213
K. JankiewiczSXCCP+: Simple XML Concurrency Control Protocol for XML Database Systems215-237
I. Ntoutsi
M. Spiliopolou
Y. Theodoridis
Tracing cluster transitions for different cluster types239-259
L. Rokach
L. Naamani
A. Shmilovici
Active learning using pessimistic expectation estimators261-280
P. BiałońA linear Support Vector Machine solver for a large number of training examples281-300
G. De Tré
S. Zadrożny
Guest Editorial: Fuzzy logic and soft computing in an effective and efficient processing of imperfect information - in memoriam Ashley Morris305-307
G. De Tré
S. Zadrożny
In Memoriam Ashley Morris (1963-2008)309-310
A. González
N. Marín
O. Pons
M. Amparo Vila
Fuzzy certainty on fuzzy values311-339
G. De Tré
A. Hallez
A. Bronselaer
A possibilistic view on set and multiset comparison341-366
Q. Wei
G. Chen
X. Zhou
Properties and pre-processing strategies to enhance the discovery of functional dependency with degree of satisfaction367-394
L. Lietard
D. Rocacher
Conditions with aggregates evaluated using gradual numbers395-417
R. AngrykAttribute-oriented defuzzification of fuzzy database tuples with categorical entries419-453
D. Ortiz-Arroyo
H. Christensen
An optimized soft computing-based passage retrieval system455-479
M. WallaceOntologies and soft computing in flexible querying481-507
J. VerstraeteFuzzy regions: interpretations of surface area and distance509-526
T. Kaczorek
P. Przyborowski
Reachability, controllability to zero and observability of the positive discrete-time Lyapunov systems529-541
W. Krajewski
U. Viaro
Iterative-interpolation algorithms for $L_{2}$ model reduction543-554
K. Khazafi
N. Rueda
P. Enflo
Multiobjective variational programming under generalized (V,ρ)-B-type I functions555-572
M. Hinze
U. Matthes
A note on variational discretization of elliptic Neumann boundary control577-591
M. Sun
Y. Jia
Persistent bounded disturbance rejection for uncertain time-delay systems593-607
K. Latawiec
W. Hunek
Minimum variance control of discrete-time and continuous-time LTI MIMO systems - a new unified framework609-624
Y. Hacı
K. Özen
Terminal control problem for processes represented by nonlinear multi parameter binary dynamic system625-633
M. Zareinejad
S. Mehdi Rezaei
S. Shiry Ghidary
A. Abdullah
M. Motamedi
Robust impedance control of a piezoelectric stage under thermal and external load disturbances635-648
A. Dahimene
A. Azrar
M. Noureddine
Incomplete matrix partial fraction expansion649-654
J. Tabor
J. Tabor
Generalized approximate midconvexity655-669
M. LiburaOn the robustness of optimal solutions for combinatorial optimization problems671-685
Y. Wang
P. Fei
A primal-infeasible interior point algorithm for linearly constrained convex programming687-704
J. Pomykała
T. Trabszys
Anonymous signer verifiable encrypted signature from bilinear pairing705-712
M. Kubale
K. Ocetkiewicz
A new optimal algorithm for a time-dependent scheduling problem713-721
E. FigielskaHeuristic algorithms for preemptive scheduling in a two-stage flowshop with unrelated parallel machines and 0-1 resource requirements723-743
A. Tereso
R. Novais
M. Araujo
S. Elmaghraby
Optimal resource allocation in stochastic activity networks via the electromagnetism approach: a platform implementation in Java745-782
G. Grabowska
M. Wiech
Analysis of data from the European Economic Survey 2005 on Economic Climate in Polish Servicing Sector783-810
N. NikolovaEmpirical justification of the uncertain equivalence method811-834
N. Nikolova
K. Tenekedjiev
F. Dong
K. Hirota
Comparison of linear interpolation and arctan approximation of one-dimensional monotonic utility functions based on experimental data835-861
W. Hung
W. Hong
Application of SVR with improved ant colony optimization algorithms in exchange rate forecasting863-891
J. GadomskiDynamics of loans in the Polish banking system893-911
K. Malanowski
A. Ioffe
F. Tröltzsch
A. DmitrukOn the development of Pontryagin's Maximum Principle in the works of A. Ya. Dubovitskii and A. A. Milyutin923-957
R. GamkrelidzeHamiltonian form of the maximum principle959-971
H. Pesch
M. Plail
The maximum Principle of optimal control: A history of ingenious ideas and missed opportunities973-995
V. Tikhomirov
V. Demidovich
A few words about history of extremal problems at Moscow University997-999
Z. ArtsteinPontryagin Maximum Principle for coupled slow and fast systems1003-1019
J. Bonnans
A. Hermant
Revisiting the analysis of optimal control problems with several state constraints1021-1052
B. Bonnard
D. Sugny
Geometric optimal control and two-level dissipative quantum systems1053-1080
A. BressanFrom optimal control to non-cooperative differential games: a homotopy approach1081-1106
G. Buttazzo
E. Mainini
E. Stepanov
Stationary configurations for the average distance functional and related problems1107-1130
E. CasasExact penalization of pointwise constraints for optimal control problems1131-1150
F. Clarke
M. do Rosario de Pinho
The nonsmooth maximum principle1151-1167
R. Vinter
F. Clarke
Stability analysis of sliding-mode feedback control1169-1192
Š. Nečasová
L. Consiglieri
J. Sokolowski
Incompressible Maxwell-Boussinesq approximation: Existence, uniqueness and shape sensitivity1193-1215
J. de Los Reyes
K. Kunisch
Optimal control of partial differential equations with affine control constraints1217-1249
T. Donchev
E. Farkhi
On the theorem of Filippov-Pliś and some applications1251-1271
K. Malanowski
A. Ioffe
F. Tröltzsch
V. Veliov
A. Dontchev
Metric regularity under approximations1283-1303
U. Felgenhauer
L. Poggiolini
G. Stefani
Optimality and stability result for bang-bang optimal controls with simple and double switch behaviour1305-1325
H. FrankowskaNormality of the maximum principle for absolutely continuous solutions to Bolza problems under state constraints1327-1340
J. RaymondDegeneracy and generalized solutions of optimal control problems1341-1358
A. Halanay
D. Tiba
Shape optimization for stationary Navier-Stokes equations1359-1374
B. JakubczykCurvatures of single-input control systems1375-1391
S. Kesavan
J. Raymond
On a degenerate Riccati equation1393-1410
M. KrastanovHigh-order variations and small-time local attainability1411-1427
I. Lasiecka
A. Tuffaha
A Bolza optimal synthesis problem for singular estimate control systems1429-1460
R. Triggiani
C. Lebiedzik
Optimal regularity and optimal control of a thermoelastic structural acoustic model with point control and clamped boundary conditions1461-1499
U. Ledzewicz
H. Schaettler
Singular controls and chattering arcs in optimal control problems arising in biomedicine1501-1523
C. Nour
R. Stern
J. Takche
The union of uniform closed balls conjecture1525-1534
N. OsmolovskiiSecond order conditions in optimal control problems with mixed equality-type constraints on a variable time interval1535-1556
J. Outrata
M. Červinka
On the implicit programming approach in a class of mathematical programs with equilibrium constraints1557-1574
R. RockafellarHamiltonian trajectories and saddle points in mathematical economics1575-1588
V. TikhomirovLagrange principle and necessary conditions1589-1605
A. ZaslavskiConvergence of approximate solutions of variational problems1607-1629
J. ZolésioVariational formulation for incompressible Euler flow/shape-morphing metric and geodesic1631-1653
. List of referees of volume 38 (2009)1669-1672

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