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Control and Cybernetics

Tom 39

Warszawa 2010

Spis treści

Z. Banaszak
O. Zaikin
Guest Editorial5-8
S. Klancnik
J. Balic
F. Cus
Intelligent prediction of milling strategy using neural networks9-24
V. Tran
B. Yang
Machine fault diagnosis and condition prognosis using classification and regression trees and neuro-fuzzy inference system25-54
I. RojekNeural networks as performance improvement models in intelligent CAPP systems55-68
I. Bach
G. Bocewicz
W. Muszyński
Knowledge based and CP-driven approach applied to multi product small-size production flow69-95
O. Zaikin
P. Korytkowski
T. Wiśniewski
Multi-criteria approach to comparison of inspection allocation for multi-product manufacturing systems in make-to-order sector97-116
J. Matuszek
A. Moczała
The modelling and simulation method in computer aided cooperation117-131
F. Hnaien
A. Dolgui
M. Louly
Key performance indicators for supply planning of multilevel serial systems with stochastic lead times133-148
E. Nawarecki
J. Koźlak
Building multi-agent models applied to supply chain management149-176
A. Smirnov
T. Levashova
N. Shilov
A. Kashevnik
Knowledge sharing in flexible supply networks: a context-based approach177-196
C. Gerber
I. Ivanova-Vasileva
H. Hanisch
Formal modelling of IEC 61499 function blocks with integer-valued data types197-231
M. ZarembaIntelligence in manufacturing systems: the pattern recognition perspective233-258
K. SandkuhlCapturing product development knowledge with task patterns: evaluation of economic effects259-273
D. Baglee
M. Knowles
Maintenance strategy development within SMEs: the development of an integrated approach275-303
N. Bakhtadze
I. Yadikin
V. Kulba
V. Lototsky
E. Maximov
An approach to coordination of power generating units305-318
M. Kłopotek
A. Przepiórkowski
S. Wierzchoń
M. Bereta
T. Burczyński
Evolving ensembles of linear classifiers by means of clonal selection algorithm325-342
U. BoryczkaAnt colony metaphor in a new clustering algorithm343-358
K. TrojanowskiMulti-swarm that learns359-375
K. Ciesielski
M. Kłopotek
S. Wierzchoń
D. Czerski
M. Dramiński
Semantic information within the BEATCA framework377-399
B. Broda
M. Piasecki
S. Szpakowicz
Extraction of Polish noun senses from large corpora by means of clustering401-420
P. Homola
V. Kuboň
A method of hybrid MT for related languages421-438
W. Froelich
A. Wakulicz-Deja
Medical diagnosis support by the application of associational cognitive maps439-456
A. TzachevaAlgorithm for generalization of action rules to summaries457-468
J. Grzymala-Busse
W. Grzymala-Busse
Z. Hippe
W. Rząsa
An improved comparison of three rough set approaches to missing attribute values469-486
K. GrudzińskiSelection of prototypes with the EkP system487-503
A. Žilinskas
J. Žilinskas
On probabilistic bounds inspired by interval arithmetic507-525
A. Piotrowski
J. Napiórkowski
The grouping differential evolution algorithm for multi-dimensional optimization problems527-550
S. Białas
M. Białas
Schur stability of the convex combination of complex polynomials551-558
M. Chmiel
E. Hrynkiewicz
Concurrent operation of processors in the bit-byte CPU of a PLC559-579
M. RomaniukBook review: "Advances in Data Analysis" by C. H. Skiadas583-585
J. Sokołowski
M. Khadir
R. Hoppe
K. Kunisch
J. JensenOptimization of space-time material layout for 1D wave propagation with varying mass and stiffness parameters599-614
B. MohammadiHadamard incomplete sensitivity and shape optimization615-626
A. MyślińskiRadial basis function level set method for structural optimization627-645
H. Pesch
A. Rund
W. von Wahl
S. Wendl
On some new phenomena in state-constrained optimal control if ODEs as well as PDEs are involved647-660
E. Sachs
M. Schu
Reduced order models in PIDE constrained optimization661-675
S. Schmidt
V. Schulz
Shape derivatives for general objective functions and the incompressible Navier-Stokes equations677-713
A. Rösch
R. Griesse
N. Metla
Local quadratic convergence of SQP for elliptic optimal control problems with mixed control-state constraints717-738
K. Chong
O. Kostyukova
M. Kurdina
Guaranteed control policy with arbitrary set of correction points for linear-quadratic system with delay739-768
T. BanekIncremental value of information for discrete-time partially observed stochastic systems769-781
T. KaczorekStabilization of fractional positive continuous-time linear systems with delays in sectors of left half complex plane by state-feedbacks783-795
J. DudaLyapunov functional for a linear system with two delays797-809
V. Emelichev
E. Gurevsky
K. Kuzmin
On stability of some lexicographic integer optimization problem811-826
M. De Giuli
G. Giorgi
A remark on sensitivity in linear programming and Gale-Samuelson nonsubstitution theorem827-838
J. Alonso-Meijide
B. Casas-Méndez
M. Fiestras-Janeiro
M. Holler
Two variations of the Public Good Index for games with a priori unions839-855
L. Zaremba
G. Rzadkowski
Shifts of the term structure of interest rates against which a given portfolio is preimmunized857-865
N. Shah
H. Soni
C. Jaggi
Inventory models and trade credit: a review867-882
A. MyślińskiBook review: "Numerical Solutions of Partial Differential Equations" by S. Bertoluzza, S. Falletta, G. Ruso and Chi-Wang Shu885-887
I. PawłowBook review: "Elliptic Equations: An Introductory Course" by M. Chipot889-890
G. De Tré
S. Zadrożny
E. Herrera-Viedma
G. Pasi
Guest Editorial: Soft approaches to information processing - from theory to applications895-897
E. Herrera-Viedma
C. Porcel
J. Morales del Castillo
M. Cobo
A. Ruíz
An improved recommender system to avoid the persistent information overload in a university digital library899-923
G. Bordogna
G. Psaila
'Matrioshka's' soft approaches to personalized web exploration925-957
D. Furno
V. Loia
M. Veniero
A fuzzy cognitive situation awareness for airport security959-982
N. Van De Weghe
G. De Tré
P. De Maeyer
Y. Qiang
M. Delafontaine
K. Asmussen
B. Stichelbaut
Modelling imperfect time intervals in a two-dimensional space983-1010
V. Torra
G. Navarro-Arribas
D. Abril
Supervised learning for record linkage through weighted means and OWA operators1011-1026
G. Stefani
F. Chittaro
Singular extremals in multi-input time-optimal problems: a sufficient condition1029-1068
T. Chien
C. Chen
Y. Chen
S. Wu
Improved fuzzy feedback linearization and Sinswat-transformation control of inverted pendulum1069-1093
H. Du
N. Zhang
Takagi-Sugeno fuzzy control scheme for electrohydraulic active suspensions1095-1115
P. Tatjewski
J. Sosnowski
M. Ławryńczuk
P. Gawkowski
P. Marusak
Fail-bounded implementations of the numerical model predictive control algorithms1117-1134
J. Werewka
M. Dach
Response-time analysis of a CAN network used for supervisory control and diagnostic systems1135-1157
M. BusłowiczSimple conditions for robust stability of positive discrete-time linear systems with delays1159-1171
J. DudaLyapunov functional for a system with k-non-commensurate neutral time delays1173-1184
G. Rhin
S. El Otmani
J. Sac-Épée
The EM Algorithm applied to determining new limit points of Mahler measures1185-1192
T. PraczykSearching for optimal size neural networks in Assembler Encoding1193-1215
A. MyślińskiBook review: "Global Pseudo-Differential Calculus on Euclidean Spaces" by F. Nicola and L. Rodino1219-1221
. List of referees of volume 39 (2010)1235-1237

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