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Applicationes Mathematicae

Tom 25

Warszawa-Wrocław 1998

Spis treści

R. MagieraOn minimax sequential procedures for exponential families of stochastic processes1-18
J. DudkiewiczCompound Poisson approximation for extremes of moving minima in arrays of independent random variables19-28
M. RutkowskiOptimality of replication in the CRR model with transaction costs29-53
Ł. Stettner
M. Motoczyński
On option pricing in the multidimensional Cox–Ross–Rubinstein model55-72
W. PopińskiConsistency of trigonometric and polynomial regression estimators73-83
L. Gajek
B. Mizera-Florczak
Information inequalities for the minimax risk of sequential estimators (with applications)85-100
A. Raczyński
T. Nadzieja
A singular radially symmetric problem in electrolytes theory101-112
K. Furmańczyk
W. Niemiro
Sufficiency in Bayesian models113-120
W. SongOn the connectivity of efficient point sets121-127
M. Baldomà
E. Fontich
Poincaré–Melnikov theory for N-dimensional diffeomorphisms129-152
O. Hernández-Lerma
O. Vega-Amaya
Infinite-horizon Markov control processes with undiscounted cost criteria: from average to overtaking optimality153-178
K. Dohmae
E. Zadrzyńska
Local existence of solutions of a free boundary problem for equations of compressible viscous heat-conducting fluids179-220
K. Dohmae
J. Rencławowicz
Local existence of solutions of the mixed problem for the system of equations of ideal relativistic hydrodynamics221-252
A. KrajkaEstimators of g-monotone dependence functions253-269
A. Jokiel-RokitaMinimax prediction for the multinomial and multivariate hypergeometric distributions271-283
T. RadzikOn a new solution concept for bargaining problems285-294
A. NowakA generalization of Ueno’s inequality for n-step transition probabilities295-299
P. KellerIndefinite integration of oscillatory functions301-311
J. RencławowiczGlobal existence and blow up of solutions for a completely coupled Fujita type system of reaction-diffusion equations313-326
A. FdilConvergence acceleration by the E+p -algorithm327-338
V. Borkar
S. Mundra
Bayesian parameter estimation and adaptive control of Markov processes with time-averaged cost339-358
F. CzekałaOn two tests based on disjoint m-spacings359-373
M. WiśniewskiExtremes in multivariate stationary normal sequences375-379
A. Paszkiewicz
E. Ignaczak
Extensions of convex functionals on convex cones381-386
M. MajsnerowskaA note on Poisson approximation by w -functions387-392
G. Zhang
S. Cheng
Asymptotic dichotomy for nonoscillatory solutions of a nonlinear difference equation393-399
A. CzapkiewiczOn estimation of parameters in the bivariate linear errors-in-variables model401-410
A. Wieczorek
M. Romani
On a multi-objective optimization problem arising from production theoryi411-415
A. Wieczorek
A. Wiszniewska
A game-theoretic model of social adaptation in an infinite population417-430
J. KotowiczRegularity of the multidimensional scaling functions: estimation of the Lp-Sobolev exponent431-447
J. MierczyńskiSmoothness of unordered curves in two-dimensional strongly competitive systems449-455
I. KopocińskaBivariate negative binomial distribution of the Marshall–Olkin type457-461
B. KopocińskiMultivariate negative binomial distributions generated by multivariate exponential distributions463-472
A. JanickiApproximation of finite-dimensional distributions for integrals driven by α-stable Lévy motion473-488
E. ZadrzyńskaOn nonstationary motion of a fixed mass of a general viscous compressible heat conducting capillary fluid bounded by a free boundary489-511

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