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Applicationes Mathematicae

Tom 26

Warszawa-Wrocław 1999

Spis treści

W. Zajączkowski
G. Ströhmer
Local existence of solutions of the free boundary problem for the equations of compressible barotropic viscous self-gravitating fluids1-31
E. AyachourAvoiding look-ahead in the Lanczos method and Padé approximation33-62
D. Hamadouche
C. Suquet
Weak Hölder convergence of processes with application to the perturbed empirical process63-83
A. Boratyńska
M. Drozdowicz
Robust Bayesian estimation in a normal model with asymmetric loss function85-92
M. KocińskiOptimality of the replicating strategy for American options93-105
A. RaczyńskiOn a nonlocal elliptic problem107-119
W. PopińskiLeast-squares trigonometric regression estimation121-131
S. BadraouiBehaviour of global solutions for a system of reaction-diffusion equations from combustion theory133-150
I. ArgyrosA new Kantorovich-type theorem for Newton’s method151-157
W. Zajączkowski
T. Kobayashi
On global motion of a compressible barotropic viscous fluid with boundary slip condition159-194
A. WagnerNonstationary marangoni convection195-220
A. NowakOn approximations of nonzero-sum uniformly continuous ergodic stochastic games221-228
A. Augustynowicz
Z. Jackiewicz
Frequency analysis of preconditioned waveform relaxation iterations229-242
R. Chouikhai
F. Cuvelier
Remarks on some monotonicity conditions for the period function243-252
R. Leipus
A. Račkauskas
Security price modelling by a binomial tree253-266
J. Minjárez-SosaNonparametric adaptive control for discrete-time Markov processes with unbounded costs under average criterion267-280
W. PopińskiA note on orthogonal series regression function estimators281-291
W. Dziubdziela
A. Tomicka-Stisz
Stochastic ordering of random kth record values293-298
N. Belili
H. Heinich
Mass transport problem and derivation299-314
F. Luque-Vásquez
O. Hernández-Lerma
Semi-Markov control models with average costs315-331
J. KarátsonGradient method for non-injective operators in Hilbert space with application to Neumann problems333-346
M. Neuts
J. Li
C. Pearce
On an interval-partitioning scheme347-355
M. SabatiniQuadratic isochronous centers commute357-362
O. Vega-AmayaSample path average optimality of Markov control processes with strictly unbounded cost363-381
A. Drwalewska
L. Gajek
On localizing global Pareto solutions in a given convex set383-394
P. PokarowskiDirected forests with application to algorithms related to Markov chains395-414
W. Han
M. Sofonea
Analysis and numerical approximation of an elastic frictional contact problem with normal compliance415-435
G. Anastassiou
T. Rychlik
Refined rates of bias convergence for generalized L-statistics in the i.i.d. case437-455
I. ArgyrosLocal convergence of inexact Newton methods under affine invariant conditions and hypotheses on the second Fréchet derivative457-465
D. Szynal
Z. Grudzień
Characterizations of power distributions via moments of order statistics and record values467-475
A. El GuennouniA unified approach to some strategies for the treatment of breakdown in Lanczos-type algorithms477-488

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