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Studia Mathematica

Tom 100

Warszawa 1991

Spis treści

A. EdgingtonSome more weak Hubert spaces1-11
M. MentzenAutomorphisms with finite exact uniform rank13-24
Z. Gajda
Z. Kominek
On separation theorems for subadditive and superadditive functionals25-38
R. PiniA multiplier theorem for H-type groups39-49
R. TorresSpaces of sequences, sampling theorem, and functions of exponential type51-74
H. JiangWeighted-BMO and the Hilbert transform75-80
K. RudolA model for some analytic Toeplitz operators81-86
A. PrydeInequalities for exponentials in Banach algebras87-94
C. LennardA new convexity property that implies a fixed point property for L195-108
E. BehrendsOn the principle of local reflexivity109-128
K. StempakAlmost everywhere summability of Laguerre series129-147
M. WojciechowskiTranslation invariant projections in Sobolev spaces on tori in the L¹ and uniform norms149-167
A. DuranA bound on the Laguerre polynomials169-181
P. GraczykMalliavin calculus for stable processes on homogeneous groups183-205
L. PickTwo-weight weak type maximal inequalities in Orlicz classes207-218
F. BeckhoffKorovkin theory in normed algebras219-228
F. BertelootHölder continuity of proper holomorphic mappings229-235
T. PytlikSpherical functions and uniformly bounded representations of free groups237-250
P. RauchPseudocomplémentation dans les espaces de Banach251-282
. Index of Volumes 91-100283-297

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