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Studia Mathematica

Tom 102

Warszawa 1992

Spis treści

B. ZiemianThe modified Cauchy transformation with applications to generalized Taylor expansions1-24
Z. Szmydt
B. Ziemian
Characterization of Mellin distributions supported by certain noncompact sets25-38
J. Duoandikoetxea
A. Moyua
Weighted inequalities for square and maximal functions in the plane39-47
L. GrapakosOn multilinear fractional integrals49-56
L. Peng
R. Rochberg
Z. Wu
Orthogonal polynomials and middle Hankel operators on Bergman spaces57-75
M. MeyerMinimal incomplete norms on Banach algebras77-85
M. NawrockiLinear topological properties of the Lumer-Smirnov class of the polydisc87-102
G. ZhangA weighted Plancherel formula II. The case of the ball103-120
J. Kwiatkowski
S. Ferenczi
Rank and spectral multiplicity121-144
Y. HuOscillatory singular integrals on weighted Hardy spaces145-156
J. Kwiatkowski
M. Lemańczyk
G. Goodson
P. Liardet
On the multiplicity function of ergodic group extensions of rotations157-174
J. ProllaApproximation of continuous convex-cone-valued functions by monotone operators175-192
C. LeranozUniqueness of unconditional bases of c0(lp),Q < p < 1193-207
A. Bressan
G. Colombo
Selections and representations of multifunctions in paracompact spaces209-216
V. Kadets
Y. Korobeinik
Representing and absolutely representing systems217-223
F. MóriczOn the uniform convergence and L¹-convergence of double Walsh-Fourier series225-237
F. Cobos
P. Fernandez-Martinez
Reiteration and a Wolff theorem for interpolation methods defined by means of polygons239-256
P. Domański
L. Drewnowski
Préchet spaces of continuous vector-valued functions: Complementability in dual Fréchet spaces and injectivity257-267
P. Dixon
V. Müller
A note on topologically nilpotent Banach algebras269-275
A. Kamontε-Entropy and moduli of smoothness in Lp-spaces277-302

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