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Studia Mathematica

Tom 104

Warszawa 1993

Spis treści

M. ZarrabiEnsembles de non synthèse pour certains poids dissymétriques sur la droite1-12
G. Godefroy
N. Kalton
P. Saphar
Unconditional ideals in Banach spaces13-59
V. FarmakiCharacterizations of elements of a double dual Banach space and their canonical reproductions61-74
J. Jamison
A. Kamińska
P. Lin
Isometries of Musielak-Orlicz spaces II75-89
H. PfitznerL-summands in their biduals have Pełczyński's property (V*)91-98
O. TikhonovTrace inequalities for spaces in spectral duality99-110
L. Drewnowski
G. Emmanuele
The problem of comple-mentability for some spaces of vector measures of bounded variation with values in Banach spaces containing copies of C0111-123
L. DrewnowskiNonseparability of the quotient space cqbv(∑,m;X)/L¹(m;X} for Banach spaces X without the Radon-Nikodym property125-132
F. Ruiz
J. Bastero
Interpolation of operators when the extreme spaces are L∞133-150
D. LeungIsomorphism of certain weak Lp spaces151-160
L. Maligranda
N. Kruglyak
L. Persson
A Carlson type inequality with blocks and interpolation161-180
M. WojciechowskiCharacterizing translation invariant projections on Sobolev spaces on tori by the coset ring and Paley projections181-193
R. Bagby
J. Alvarez
D. Kurtz
C. Perez
Weighted estimates for commutators of linear operators195-209
T. Mouton
H. Raubenheimer
On rank one and finite elements of Banach algebras211-219
Z. Nurlu
J. Sarsour
Bessaga's conjecture in unstable Köthe spaces and products221-228
V. PhóngSemigroups with nonquasianalytic growth229-241
P. Głowacki
W. Hebisch
Pointwise estimates for densities of stable semigroups of measures243-258
L. Białas
A. Volberg
Markov's property of the Cantor ternary set259-268
K. YlinenRepresentations of bimeasures269-278
V. FonfOn supportless absorbing convex subsets in normed spaces279-284
K. NowakCommutators based on the Calderón reproducing formula285-306

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