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Studia Mathematica

Tom 105

Warszawa 1993

Spis treści

S. KryńskiMetrically convex functions in normed spaces1-11
W. CupałaSome estimates concerning the Zeeman effect13-23
A. Katavolos
M. Lambrou
W. Longstaff
The decomposability of operators relative to two subspaces25-36
M. OstrovskiĭTotal subspaces in dual Banach spaces which are not norming over any infinite-dimensional subspace37-49
D. AlbrechtIntegral formulae for special cases of Taylor's functional calculus51-68
V. MüllerThe Słodkowski spectra and higher Shilov boundaries69-75
B. MagajnaInterpolation by elementary operators77-92
A. SołtysiakOn the joint spectral radii of commuting Banach algebra elements93-99
W. CupałaOn the eigenvalue asymptotics of certain Schrödinger operators101-104
E. NakaiPointwise multipliers for functions of weighted bounded mean oscillation105-119
S. Lu
Z. Liu
Transference and restriction of maximal multiplier operators on Hardy spaces121-134
F. González VieliConstruction de p-multiplicateurs135-142
P. ŠemrlTwo characterizations of automorphisms on B(X)143-149
V. TolokonnikovExtremal functions of the Nevanlinna-Pick problem and Douglas algebras151-158
V. RundeRange inclusion results for derivations on noncommutative Banach algebras159-172
S. Kwapień
J. Sawa
On some conjecture concerning Gaussian measures of dilatations of convex symmetric sets173-187
D. PoguntkeAn example of a generalized completely continuous representation of a locally compact group189-205
R. NairOn polynomials in primes and J. Bourgain's circle method approach to ergodlic theorems II207-233
M. Hernandez
C. Houdré
Disjointness results for some classes of stable processes235-252
A. WeronA remark on disjointness results for stable processes253-254
M. MeyerWeak invertibility and strong spectrum255-269
W. BanaszczykSummable families in nuclear groups271-282
S. FridliAn inverse Sidon type inequality283-308

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