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Studia Mathematica

Tom 106

Warszawa 1993

Spis treści

G. SampsonNonconvolution transforms with oscillating kernels that map B1 0,1 into itself1-44
Z. KowalskiErgodic properties of skew products45-57
W. CohnWeighted Bergman projections and tangential area integrals59-76
B. Bojarski
P. Hajłasz
Pointwise inequalities for Sobolev functions and some applications77-92
W. BanaszczykBalancing vectors and convex bodies93-100
G. CassierChamps d'algèbres duales et algèbres duales uniformes d'opérateurs sur l'espace de Hilbert101-119
A. BressanA multidimensional Lyapunov type theorem121-128
R. Harte
М. Мвекнта
Generalized inverses in C*-algebras II129-138
H. Aimar
L. Forzani
On continuity properties of functions with conditions on the mean oscillation139-151
B. BarnesPerturbation theory relative to a Banach algebra of operators153-174
G. GripenbergWavelet bases in Lp(R)175-187
A. PerisTopological tensor products of a Fréchet-Schwartz space and a Banach space189-196
A. Rodriguez PalaciosProperly semi-L-embedded complex spaces197-202
N. Benbourhim
J. Gaches
Tf-splines et approximation par Tf -prolongement203-211
F. HofbauerHausdorff and conformai measures for expanding piecewise monotonie maps of the interval II213-231
N. KaltonCalderón couples of rearrangement invariant spaces233-277
Y. PanOn the weak (1,1) boundedness of a class of oscillatory singular integrals279-287
W. Bade
H. Dales
Uniqueness of complete norms for quotients of Banach function algebras289-302

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