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Studia Mathematica

Tom 107

Warszawa 1993

Spis treści

M. Depant
M. Junge
Characterization of weak type by the entropy distribution of r-nuclear operators1-14
P. Domański
S. Dierolf
Factorization of Montel operators15-32
B. Aubertin
J. Fournier
Integrability theorems for trigonometric series33-59
A. Pełczyński
M. Wojciechowski
Molecular decompositions and embedding theorems for vector-valued Sobolev spaces with gradient norm61-100
V. Mandrekar
P. Richard
Factorization through Hilbert space and the dilation of L(X,Y)-valued measures101-113
F. WeiszAn application of two-parameter martingales in harmonic analysis115-126
K. Laursen
М. Мвекнта
Closed range multipliers and generalized inverses127-135
E. PustylnikEstimation of the position of intermediate spaces for a Banach couple137-155
R. BraunA partial differential operator which is surjective on Gevrey classes Γd (R³) with 1 ≤ d < 2 and d ≥ 6 but not for 2 ≤ d < 6157-169
Z. Ciesielski
G. Kerkyacharian
B. Roynette
Quelques espaces fonctionnels associés à des processus gaussiens171-204
H. ŻołądekOn first integrals for polynomial differential equations on the line205-211
W. BanaszczykRearrangement of series in nonnuclear spaces213-222
R. Wheeden
S. Chanillo
D. Watson
Some integral and maximal operators related to starlike sets223-255
R. WheedenA characterization of some weighted norm inequalities for the fractional maximal function257-272
J. RusinekPseudotopologies with applications to one-parameter groups, von Neumann algebras, and Lie algebra representations273-286
F. Hernandez
S. Troyanski
On the representation of uncountable symmetric basic sets and its applications287-304
C. BoydMontel and reflexive preduals of spaces of holomorphic functions on Fréchet spaces305-315

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