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Studia Mathematica

Tom 108

Warszawa 1994

Spis treści

F. Martín-Reyes
A. De La Torre
On the pointwise ergodic theorem in Lp1-4
K. SenatorUnique continuation for elliptic equations and an abstract differential inequality5-20
D. Grubb
C. Moore
Certain lacunary cosine series are recurrent21-23
S. ZhaoBoundary behavior of subharmonic functions in nontangential accessible domains25-48
K. SeddighiOperators on spaces of analytic functions49-54
J. Mujica
P. Galindo
D. Garcia
M. Maestre
Extension of multilinear mappings on Banach spaces55-76
B. Kamiński
P. Liardet
Spectrum of multidimensional dynamical systems with positive entropy77-85
T. Randolph
P. Patterson
Semigroups affiliated with algebras of operators87-102
E. Sawyer
R. Kerman
Convolution algebras with weighted rearrangement-invariant norm103-126
P. Lemarié-RieussetOndelettes et poids de Muckenhoupt127-147
S. DragomirOn weighted Bergman kernels of bounded domains149-157
G. ŁysikThe Taylor transformation of analytic functionals with non-bounded carrier159-176
C. ChenWeighted integrability and L¹-convergence of multiple trigonometric series177-190
R. Frankiewicz
G. Plebanek
Nonaccessible filters in measure algebras and functionals on L∞(λ)*191-200
O. Salinas
A. Bernardis
Two-weight norm inequalities for the fractional maximal operator on spaces of homogeneous type201-207
G. Herzog
C. Schmoeger
On operators T such that f(T) is hypercyclic209-216
Z. Argün
K. Rowlands
On quasi-multipliers217-245
Y. HanTriebel-Lizorkin spaces on spaces of homogeneous type247-273
A. KałamajskaPointwise multiplicative inequalities and Nirenberg type estimates in weighted Sobolev spaces275-290
E. Berkson
N. Asmar
J. Bourgain
Restrictions from Rn to Zn of weak type (1,1) multipliers291-299

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