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Studia Mathematica

Volume 109

Warszawa 1994


M. CarroReal interpolation for families of Banach spaces1-21
S. BuckleyPointwise multipliers for reverse Holder spaces23-39
J. ZienkiewiczMaximal estimates for nonsymmetric semigroups41-49
B. Aupetit
D. Drissi
Some spectral inequalities involving generalized scalar operators51-66
V. Shul'ManOperators preserving ideals in C*-algebras67-72
L. Pick
D. Edmunds
P. Gurka
Compactness of Hardy-type integral operators in weighted Banach function spaces73-90
B. Aupetit
H. Du T.
Spectrum preserving linear mappings in Banach algebras91-100
R. Latała
K. Oleszkiewicz
On the best constant in the Khinchin-Kahane inequality101-104
B. HofmannOn certain nonstandard Calderón-Zygmund operators105-131
C. Carton-Lebrun
H. Heinig
S. Hofmann
Integral operators and weighted amalgams133-157
S. SatoA weighted vector-valued weak type (1, 1) inequality and spherical summation159-170
J. MatkowskiThe converse of the Holder inequality and its generalizations171-182
H. TriebelA localization property for Bspq and Fspq spaces183-195
S. Chen
H. Sun
Reflexive Orlicz spaces have uniformly normal structure197-208
R. SatoPointwise ergodic theorems for functions in Lorentz spaces Lpq with p ≠ ∞209-216
D. YangSome new Hardy spaces L² HqR(R² x R²) (0 < q ≤ 1)217-231
J. Ortega
J. Fàbrega
Mixed-norm spaces and interpolation233-254
J. Garcia-Cuerva
K. Kazarian
Calderón-Zygmund operators and unconditional bases of weighted Hardy spaces255-276
T. Dobrowolski
F. Ancel
J. Grabowski
Closed subgroups in Banach spaces277-290
C. Chen
C. Lin
Almost everywhere convergence of Laguerre series291-301
J. KahaneRemarques sur la formule sommatoire de Poisson303-316

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