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Studia Mathematica

Tom 110

Warszawa 1994

Spis treści

J. García-Falset
A. Jiménez-Melado
E. Lloréns-Fuster
Measures of noncompactness and normal structure in Banach spaces1-8
A. VargasOn the maximal function for rotation invariant measures in Rn9-17
R. ChengOuter factorization of operator valued weight functions on the torus19-34
S. Bloom
R. Kerman
Weighted Lф integral inequalities for operators of Hardy type35-52
A. SiemaszkoOn group extensions of 2-fold simple ergodic actions53-64
M. LangenbruchContinuous linear right inverses for convolution operators in spaces of real analytic functions65-82
F. MóriczTauberian theorems for Cesàro summable double séquences83-96
V. RundeWhen is there a discontinuous homomorphism from L¹(G)?97-104
P. SjölinGlobal maximal estimates for solutions to the Schrödinger equation105-114
J. Dziubański
W. Hebisch
J. Zienkiewicz
Note on semigroups generated by positive Rockland operators on graded homogeneous groups115-126
J. TateokaOn the characterization of Hardy-Besov spaces on the dyadic group and its applications127-148
S. Bloom
R. Kerman
Weighted Orlicz space integral inequalities for the Hardy-Littlewood maximal operator149-167
A. KamontIsomorphism of some anisotropic Besov and sequence spaces169-189
A. Iwanik
Y. Lacroix
Some constructions of strictly ergodic non-regular Toeplitz flows191-203
M. PopovOn integrability in F-spaces205-220
G. AlsmeyerA recurrence theorem for square-integrable martingales221-234
C. Batty
D. Greenfield
On the invertibility of isometric semigroup representations235-250
М. МвекнтаRemarques sur la structure interne des composantes connexes semi-Fredholm251-256
E. WernerIllumination bodies and affine surface area257-269
D. ZagrodnyThe cancellation law for inf-convolution of convex functions271-282
W. ŻelazkoConcerning entire functions in Bo-algebras283-290
. Index of Volumes 101-110291-308

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