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Studia Mathematica

Tom 111

Warszawa 1994

Spis treści

A. FanSur les dimensions de mesures1-17
G. SlnnamonSpaces defined by the level function and their duals19-52
I. Labuda
P. Szeptygki
Domains of integral operators53-68
J. Jayne
I. Namioka
C. Rogers
σ-fragmented Banach spaces II69-80
Y. Gordon
M. Meyer
S. Reisner
Volume approximation of convex bodies by polytopes—a constructive method81-95
B. YoodOn the non-existence of norms for some algebras of functions97-101
A. Hulanicki
M. Cowling
S. Giulini
G. Mauceri
Spectral multipliers for a distinguished Laplacian on certain groups of exponential growth103-121
A. KepertComplemented ideals of group algebras123-152
N. WongTopologies and bornologies determined by operator ideals, II153-162
W. WojtyńskiOne-parameter subgroups and the B-C-H formula163-185
X. ChangSome Sawyer type inequalities for martingales187-194
L. Chen
D. Fan
Oscillatory kernels in certain Hardy-type spaces195-206
P. TerenziEvery separable Banach space has a bounded strong norming biorthogonal sequence which is also a Steinitz basis207-222
N. SpanoudakisOperators in finite distributive subspace lattices II223-239
M. Girardi
E. Balder
V. Jalby
From weak to strong types of L¹E-convergence by the Bocce criterion241-262
A. Defant
J. Bonet
A. Peris
M. Ramanujan
Coincidence of topologies on tensor products of Köthe echelon spaces263-281
M. FanComplex interpolation functors with a family of quasipower function parameters283-305

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