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Studia Mathematica

Tom 112

Warszawa 1994

Spis treści

A. Antonevich
J. Appell
P. Zabreĭko
Some remarks on the asymptotic behaviour of the iterates of a bounded linear operator1-11
E. Berkson
T. Gillespie
Spectral decompositions and harmonic analysis on UMD spaces13-49
0. AristovCharacterization of strict C*-algebras51-58
J. WenzelIdeal norms and trigonometric orthonormal systems59-74
J. JanasOn unbounded hyponormal operators III75-82
W. ŻelazkoOn topologization of countably generated algebras83-88
J. Zemánek
Y. Lyubich
Precompactness in the uniform ergodic theory89-97
F. De Blasi
J. Myjak
Ambiguous loci of the farthest distance mapping from compact convex sets99-107
G. Greiner
W. Ricker
Commutativity of compact selfadjoint operators109-125
S. Wuω-Calderón-Zygmund operators127-139
M. Lemańczyk
M. Mentzen
A. Del Junco
Semisimplicity, joinings and group extensions141-164
L. Rodriguez-PiazzaDerivability, variation and range of a vector measure165-187
W. MarciszewskiOn sequential convergence in weakly compact subsets of Banach spaces189-194
W. Żelazko
A. Kokk
On vector spaces and algebras with maximal locally pseudoconvex topologies195-201
M. FabianOn an extension of norms from a subspace to the whole Banach space keeping their rotundity203-211
P. SissonA rigid space admitting compact operators213-228
D. Vogt
M. Poppenberg
Construction of standard exact sequences of power series spaces229-241
W. KirkCompactness and countable compactness in weak topologies243-250
S. WangMild integrated C-existence families251-266
M. Girardi
S. Dilworth
D. Kutzarova
Banach spaces which admit a norm with the uniform Kadec-Klee property267-277
S. ÔtaA quasi-affine transform of an unbounded operator279-284
A. Jonsson
H. Wallin
The dual of Besov spaces on fractals285-300

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